Before, After, In Between, And a Disaster

Things are finally starting to get done around here, so I have pictures to share with you of where everything is today.   I should start with the disaster, but instead I’ll share a few things you have already seen in the in between stage of.

Yesterday I nearly drove myself out of my home with the fumes from the enamel paint, nope this free paint wasn’t low-VOC by any stretch of the imagination.  So what to do?  Should I toss it or use it up.  I’d rather use it up than worry it wasn’t disposed of properly.

So here’s where you last saw the new planters I was creating.


Ready to fill with potting soil and seeds.

These were painted with a black enamel paint, next I decoupaged magazine pictures on to them using polycrylic and not modge podge, and some ribbon to complete the look.  I was a little concerned about the cans in particular rusting from the inside so I sealed the inside as well as outside with polycrylic. Just to be safe I will only be growing non-edible plants in them.

First up for my grand-daughter, I need to clean up the glue from the glue gun when this cools.   Just an example of what you can do with a fast food yogurt container.

One side

One side

the other side

the other side

The plastic peanut butter container now looks like this


My personal favorite









Now for the In-between

Do you remember my free, or better known as dumpster find before it was actually tossed in the dumpster, last year?  Christmas Eve the front of one side came off leaving me with books propping up the end to even it out for seating.


This was never my dream fabric or design, but it was functional.  I knew I would want to reupholster it at some point but the side breaking off has quickened my timetable on this project.

I was given these table legs someone was tossing out and knew I had a very inexpensive way to add legs to the loveseat.

IMG1056I got the bright idea to cut them down. I don’t have saws so I asked a good friend/neighbor if he could do it.  His girlfriend asked what I was going to do with the remaining parts.  She will be using them to create her own Lazy Kate for spinning her wool.


After being cut down I painted and sealed them.  Of course nothing goes as planned.  My friend asked if I wanted him to bring down his drill and attach the legs.  YES!!  We removed the current arms/legs (which are all one piece) and then found out his battery was out of juice.  I now have a really short love seat for a day or two.

The original sides will be used as supports in the garden


Here is the love seat as I originally found it, only hours before it broke.


And what it looks like right this moment.


Don’t worry it will look better shortly. I already have the fabric which cost $20 with plenty left over for some other project. I only have to buy the new foam which will be all green, no chemicals in my new loveseat.  The current two seat cushions will be cut in half then upholstered together to make mini seats for the little ones that are all their own.  The back cushion will be emptied of the filling and used for some future purpose. Some of it will end up stuffing Christmas ornaments for this next year, but the rest…who knows yet.

The Disaster

What is a day without a little calamity?  I wanted to move the blue vase holding my twigs and just as I lifted it the bottom came off and pieces fell all over.

Here’s how it looked before.


Here’s what I  have now


I love the blue glass so I’m holding on to this to blend into a few stepping-stones in the field this year. I also loved the freshly painted twigs.  I saved a few adding them to this hurricane lamp along with dried cranberries and left over pine cones.


18 thoughts on “Before, After, In Between, And a Disaster

    • Thank you, Alex. I used to do interior decorating when I was in college as it allowed me to work from home or take my children with me. I am self taught, but with my physical limitations today going to people’s homes is hard so I’ve been trying to find other ways to satisfy my desire to again return to decorating.


    • I would have loved to use brighter colors, but no I didn’t have anything appropriate on hand. When I do get more paint I will use that on new cans. I live in PA a bit further north than you are. Btw, I love KY. I try to plan every trip through your state for when I can see the most vibrant blue grass.


  1. Such a bummer about the beautiful blue vase. I used to get really upset when I broke something like that, but over the years my position on it has mellowed a bit. In fact, the last time I broke a plate (which was actually one of my very favorite plates) my reaction was “Woo Hoo! Now I’m down to having few enough so they all fit nicely in my cabinet.” I just figure it’s the universe helping me learn to let go.

    I’m not exactly sure I feel the same way about my new Windows 8 Tablet that CatMan got me for my birthday. It didn’t break exactly – but it’s brains did. It’s being sent back tomorrow. Sigh. It’s so funny how attached I can get to a thing that I didn’t even think I had any use for a few weeks ago! It’s more the principle of it than anything else though. I mean really… a computer is supposed to work for more than a few weeks!


    • Thank you Live and Learn, I too loved the blue vase. There is a strange story about that vase. Last summer my daughter-in-law asked if she could have a yard sale out front of my apartment as she lived on a small side street. She left to get more things for the sale and I stayed out with my grand daughter. This woman pulled up rummaged in her purse, then in the trunk of her car. She asks if she can put something down for us to sell and gives my grand daughter $10 and leaves. I loved the vase and hoped it wouldn’t sell. It didn’t.


      • On the topic of blue glass. I love it too. With all the research I’ve been doing on kitty health issues, I’ve become convinced of the importance of giving cats a fish oil supplement. Anyhow, they’re all getting a daily dose of it, and it comes in these beautiful little blue glass bottles. We’re on bottle number three at the moment, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to throw the others out. Eventually I’m gonna end up with a huge pile of blue glass bottles filling up my house (which, trust me, doesn’t need any more crap filling it up!) I just can’t bring myself to toss them in the recycling bin. Any brilliant ideas?


  2. It’s great that you are taking action on the sofa. Sometimes I get used to a situation like that for ages, and completely forget to fix it! Since your space it quite minimal, it’s fortunate you had another option for your nice twigs, but of course one of your new crafted containers would have worked well, too!


    • I hate when things are broken I become fixated on it and see it as showing my home is neglected. You are right I could have used one of the cans, I never thought about that as I planned to use those for planters. See how narrow-minded I can be :-)


  3. You have been busy !! I love how the containers came out, they would look beautiful planted. The loveseat will look amazing with the legs !! Today must be the day for broken glass. I was playing with cutting glass rings from a wine bottle, I want to make a wind chime, and now I have 2 bottles worth of broken glass. I thought about stepping stones also, or I am thinking about mozaic tiling a bowling ball :) Great job as always on your projects..


    • Thank you. I would have loved to show them off with lovely plants in them, but it would take a bit to grow them, don’t be surprised if you see a couple of them later on.

      Ouch, I have never tried to cut glass do you use a Dremel? I will keep watching for your wind chimes because I know you will master cutting the glass.


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