Spring Cleaning, Not Exactly

While this is normally the time of year others start their spring cleaning, having just the studio apartment doesn’t need much cleaning.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t things needing to be done.

I have been back in the bathroom working on the light sconces.  Here’s what it looked if you missed seeing it the first time. Nice goldish, bronze with lots of slopped paint on it.


Looks even worse with the glass removed.


Here’s afterpainting it with black enamel for metal.  I decided not to paint the white base or the portion that holds the glass as that would show through the frosted glass.


And with the glass back in place.  It was hard to photograph with the light needing to be on at the same time, but it sure looks better than the original.


With that out of the way it was time to do a little maintenance

Here is a spot on the wall which leads into the hallway.  What you are seeing is the damage from the little ones forgetting there is nothing to stop the door handle from hitting the wall.  It’s been patched before so it’s not the first time, why wouldn’t you just put a strike plate up instead of having to keep patching it when a tenant moves out?  Other apartments have them, but not this one.


I have been working on several projects, none ready to show you, as I have free time (and depending on what kind of mess it will make when expecting company or in this case using enamel paint when I knew the little ones wouldn’t be over any more today to breathe the fumes).

I had removed a piece from the front of one of the guitars you can see here which I decided I wasn’t going to replace.  I set it aside, and today a light bulb went off in my head.   I knew this piece of plastic would be useful.  Here it is painted with the same black paint.

IMG1601I think it looks much better than a hole in the wall, and I don’t have to worry about it getting any bigger.

Re-purposing the recyclables

Of course, I had to get into the items I collected rather than toss in the recycling bin. Recycling is great, but it does take resources.  Since I would like to have a few more planters I decided to make my own.  The paint is still drying, I’ll show you the finished cans soon.


There are 8 metal cans, a yogurt container and a peanut butter container both of which are plastic.  Surprisingly the enamel paint adhered well to the plastic.

If you are wondering what I am using to paint on, it’s my cutting board.  I fought with myself the last time I needed a new one and settled for a cheaper one that wasn’t the quality I usually buy.  When the side I did all my kitchen chopping on was too worn to want to continue using I began using that side for little projects around the house and the other (good side) to chop foods in the kitchen.  One of these days I will break down and buy a better cutting board, just not sure when.

Then a little needed art

I had a paint by numbers that was never finished and I didn’t like as I was painting it.  I wanted to do something with the back of it instead to have a new art piece for the bathroom wall.  This was my inspiration as it looked simple enough.

fern on wood

Yes this was done on wood and I’m using a piece of white board, but I thought I could recreate this at least for the most part.

I didn’t have the colors I wanted, but looking around I found some fabric paints leftover and knew the colors would work just fine.  I wanted a streaky appearance for the background,  and was able to achieve this as it dried.


I lightened the blue with some of the white, you can barely see it here, but it does show up when viewed in person.  I added it to the winter owls from Jen and this is what the wall with completed sconce looks like now.


For any of you who thought I might have enough talent to paint something other than furniture and walls here’s all the proof you need to see my talents are rather narrow.

Are you spring cleaning or spring sprucing?

27 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, Not Exactly

  1. In my house, my mam always uses a leftover piece of the counter top as a chopping board. We have never had a store-bought chopping board. We redid the counters about 10/12 years ago, and are still using the same board from that time. It’s marked but it’s such a light colour it barely shows up. Just a little idea if you ever happen to come across any!


  2. Hmmm… Well, I seem to be doing spring plumbing here. Two clogged drains in one day! Actually, I sorta think the clog from drain one went down the line and caused problems for drain two. But no matter… have auger will travel!

    Anyhow, that’s the most creative use for a guitar pick guard that I’ve ever seen! :-)


    • Thank you I like it much better. Since I have no natural lighting in that area, I had to do one, using the other for my lighting and now have to do the second one today. Every time I step in there I compare the two and hate the original even more!


  3. When you showed the hole, I immediately thought that you were going to put in one of those little stoppers at the bottom of the door – that stop the door hitting the wall. Seems you’re more ingenious than that!


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