Free Sunday Fun

Spring still hasn’t been able to push old man winter out-of-town but I did receive a gift last night which has brought more spring into my space.


This morning I received another “gift” left for me outside my door.

IMG1591Spring can’t be too far away, can it?

With my grand-daughter just starting to recuperate from a bad cold I separated a few flowers out to give to her in another saved glass jar, okay that’s just an excuse I love to share and would have given her a couple anyway.   You should have seen her smile when I told her they were for her, if you didn’t know better you would have thought she just won the lottery. :-)

The first thing out of her mouth after a hug and thank you for the flowers was “Grandma, do you want to  make something with me?”  Good thing I save everything I can as crafting with her would get pretty expensive.

She focused her attention on what she could do with cardboard her mother had just dropped off to me.  Here’s what we came up with.

IMG_20130324_155046Out of toilet paper rolls we came up with a Mommy princess, a Prince, and two little girl princesses (one not shown) along with a heart to add to the table when the Prince and Mommy Princess have a tea party.  A bit of paint from a paint by number kit, a couple of markers, and a little glue to hold yarn scraps for hair was all she needed. Although later she found the flower and leaves to add to the heart.  (The Mommy princess likes her tea party table to be pretty.)

Using some of the leftover cardboard from the above royal family along with part of a cereal bar box we started another project.


Turn it over and you have my best attempt at Minnie Mouse.  She didn’t have time to finish coloring it as her ride arrived to take her home,  now she has something quiet to do with mom and dad tonight.


While waiting for the glue to dry on Minnie Mouse we dug through her craft drawer and came up with a box from a frame I purchased not long ago and a thank you card I received a while back.   The purple envelope was cut to fit, the card was glued down on top of the envelope, then she went digging for a few embellishments.  This is the finished framed art for her room.


While it’s a good thing I don’t throw anything out, I realize it’s also good that I don’t shop much or my house would be over flowing with junk, instead of in a corner in my closet!

All in all my gifts were free, my grand-daughter and I had a wonderful creative afternoon, and she went home happy with her (free) art. Today is another example of how easy it is to entertain children. I believe they would rather have our attention than any number of toys purchased for them.   Today couldn’t have been better.

How did you spend your Sunday?

12 thoughts on “Free Sunday Fun

  1. It was a wonderful day, it has been a rare day lately when I get to spend it with just one child at a time, and without the puppy needing to be watched.

    I love tp rolls, and with children who just want to do something with the adults they are perfect.


  2. What a wonderful way to spend Sunday….. Lovely treasures you both made.. I have my little treasure coming tomorrow I feel a cardboard sticky glue day….. We had a paint day last week.. … You made me feel like spring was here with the gift of seeing those flowers ;-)


    • Aren’t the colors in the flowers so refreshing? I love having them here on my desk to be seen from any vantage point in the room. Have fun tomorrow with your grand daughter. Cardboard and glue always goes over well here.


  3. The Jet Stream can suddenly move, then Spring will advance rapidly with the Winter evaporating like the morning mist. The gifts of nature are free and a reminder of its awesome beauty.


  4. Hmmmm… well, your day sounds much more relaxing than mine. My day included some adventures in plumbing, along with a bit of thrift store shopping and lots, and LOTS of cat food!


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