If Spring Doesn’t Want to Show, I’ll Make Spring Appear Inside

Winter is hanging on, so I am trying to infuse a little spring indoors. To me spring means new; new life, new growth, brighter light and lighter colors. If spring doesn’t want to visit me I am bound to bring a little spring inside my space by making a few things around here look new and fresh.


Side of the car, you can see the snow is nearly up to the handles on the doors.

Last fall I collected some fallen branches to add to a vase.  It was lovely at the time and suited my mood then. This is what it looked like this week. The evergreens have died off leaving needles all over (which I saved to add to the garden plots).  With dreary days and plenty of snow this wasn’t what I wanted to look at right now.IMG1576

It was time to lighten things up.  I pulled out some white paint, and some very pale green baby yarn, this is what it looks like now.  The green yarn was crocheted into what I hoped would look like leaf buds. I’m considering adding a few more bright colors to awaken spring inside.


It actually looks brighter in person than this picture shows.  Here is a close up of one of the “leaf buds”.


Can you see the small gold round thing near the mouth of the vase?  These grow wild (weeds) in the field. I’m not sure what they are called but the children love them, and call them fairy houses.  Most have a very tiny hole somewhere on the side of each so the children like to pretend a fairy can enter and leave by this hole.  I had to highlight it for them as they picked it to add to the vase.

When finished it was time to rinse out the paint brush. Entering my vanity area, I looked away from the view that has faced me every day since I moved in here. It’s depressing to me what do you think?


Boring institutional bathroom, no personality here.

You can see my owls I purchased from Jen at Winter Owls.  I have more I want to do in this area and will share it later, but for now I can’t stand that goldish mirror and the bronze bases to the light fixtures.   Here’s a close up of the side of the one light fixture, you can see plenty of paint from sloppy painting over the years.


This just looks old and tired.

I have a small can of black enamel intended for metal and while I would love a nickel finish I’m tempted to use the black on this light fixture.  I don’t want to remove it, it actually isn’t bad if you don’t notice the base, and repurposing it is more my style.  Would you use black or another color?

I have been considering adding white paint to the mirror frame, but the details will take some work to fill in. I decided not to waste what paint was left in the paint brush and started to apply it to the bottom of the mirror frame.  I think I like having some of the gold exposed to highlight the details.


single coat of paint with original color showing through

What do you think?  Paint it all white?  Leave some of the gold showing through?  I’ve also considered a navy blue to pick up the blue in the tiles you can see at the bottom of the picture.  While this frame isn’t something I would have chosen, it is screwed on to the wall and is functional so I prefer to work with it.

There are a few other things I want to get done this weekend, but need a little help physically to get them done.  My grand daughter is sick so I’m not sure if they will get done this weekend or next. Keep your fingers crossed I can accomplish them this weekend as I need a little burst of newness to enter the apartment right now.

Now it’s time to get to work.  This is an editing job I have recently taken on.  Can’t wait to get this pile off my desk.


What would you do, blue or white on the mirror?  Black or another color on the base of the wall sconce?

18 thoughts on “If Spring Doesn’t Want to Show, I’ll Make Spring Appear Inside

  1. I would leave it white with the gold showing its contemporary, I did one the other way around.. I had a white edged dressing table 3 mirrors the centre one tilted.. I painted it gold and some white showed through, at first I didnt like it but Now I just love the way it has turned out.. It will either grow on you or not LOL.. Love your revamp :-)


    • Thanks, Sue. I’ve decided to leave the gold showing through. Love that everyone had similar views. I do want to keep in mind that one day someone else may live here and would like to keep in mind that things that are affixed to the walls should be something the majority would like. I so appreciate everyone’s input.


    • Sarah, I hope you share your tree when you get it done, Cat’s inspiration was gorgeous! I think the general consensus is to leave the gold showing through. I’ll share when it’s finished, I will have to wait for a little help to reach the top as I won’t attempt climbing any more. Hopefully it won’t be long, I hate projects being half done!


    • Thanks Jayne, I knew if I shared the photos people like you would help me to go in the right direction with this mirror.
      I believe that’s the way I’m leaning I too like how it looks. I figure why not show off the details rather than trying to hide them.


  2. Well, I’m most definitely NOT the person to ask for interior decorating advice, because painting anything is way more effort than I’m willing to put in (seriously, I’ve lived in this house for 18 years and, aside from the bathroom which had to be painted because it was starting to peel, I’ve never painted anything!)

    But, your little bouquet of sticks reminded me of a Norwegian tradition that I discovered when I lived there as an exchange student. About this time of year they go out and cut a few branches – I’m not exactly sure what type of branches they were, but I’m thinking pussy willow or something similar that has nice pretty buds that open up early. They make big bouquets – often in large vases that sit on the floor and then hang Easter eggs and other colorful decorations in them. Depending on what kind of branches you get, the buds will open and sometimes even flower. I even remember some bushes outdoors being decorated. Anyhow, you made me think of it… Easter was a pretty big deal holiday there, not just because it’s a Christian country but because after the long dark winter everybody is ready to celebrate spring!

    It’s snowing like crazy outside – looks like about 5 inches so far. Hard to complain though since the forest fires have already begun!


    • You already have forest fires? I am so sorry, this early in the season I have to wonder if they were purposely set, I hope not. I will hope for you this is a short fire season.

      I can’t imagine living any where with out putting my stamp on the place with paint. If the walls start white they have to go. This place was painted a color of my choice before I even moved in, unfortunately they decided not to paint the bathroom so I still need to brighten that area up as it’s a really dull dirty looking color.

      I love the idea of really decorating branches for Easter. I checked out the photo you directed me to and LOVE it. I complain when we don’t have bright sunny days after a few days as my moods are very much directed by sunlight, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I lived that far north.


  3. You all got MORE snow?! I’m in Maryland and every single one of these storms has just missed us. We’ve stayed cold and dreary too, and I’m painting and tackling other long neglected projects to brighten my mood as well. I like the clean-ness of white – but I like the gold bits so it’s not sterile.


    • Yes, we got more snow! Lucky you for missing these storms, but without the sun it really doesn’t matter much to me if we have snow or now, I need the sun to perk me up. Good to see I’m not the only one who is trying to stay positive by tackling projects. I am liking the white too, and don’t think I will try to fill it all in. If I have to have flowers around the frame I might as well show them off.


  4. It is a matter of taste. I am a “distressed” person, so I vote for keep the gold showing. and not paint the whole thing white. I love the branches, they brighten things up. I hung all of my spring wreaths outside last week, and now they are covered with snow….what was I thinking? It is snowing right now, here in NY


    • I’m just below you in PA so we are probably on the same front. I put my phone book wreath on the door as well. The dampness from the storm door I fear will ruin it now.

      It all depends on the piece if I like the distressed look but this really looked good to me when I did it and other than considering a navy blue (which I would have to buy) I will probably end up with the distressed white look.


  5. I love white, it is so simple and clean looking and may tone down the ornateness of the mirror.
    I know whatever you do it will look great.


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