Change the World Wednesday, taking a walk

This week the challenge from Reduce Footprints is to Welcome Spring.  What spring? This is the view of the Little Cove from my front window, what I woke to this morning. The snow is still coming down in big fluffy flakes and isn’t expected to stop for another 3 days.


Here is the challenge:

Welcome to spring! This week take a walk outside.  But we’re not talking about any walk, this will be a walk with a purpose…..a walk which goes beyond the obvious “not using transportation” benefit.  for example, walk to the library, gym or community center and post some basic green living ideas on their bulletin board for others to read.   Participate in a river, community garden or public park clean up. Collect litter as you walk and recycle it or deposit it into trash bins.  Join a walk “for the environment” …an organized walk to raise awareness or raise funds for a worthy project. The idea this week is to take one additional step and make it count double.


I won’t be taking any walks in this weather, my chair would definitely get stuck as everything directly under the snow is solid ice to make things worse.

Instead I posted a notice to the residents concerning the field we cleared last year.  Thankfully, we had a very early spring which gave me plenty of extra time clear the weeds and pick up all the trash that had been littered around.  Once I began clearing the area people stopped using the field as a place to dump their rubbish.

The only problem we have had is getting the word out that this field isn’t just for the use of the people directly involved in beautifying the area or putting in garden beds.

So I posted this today in our communal laundry room


This is what it reads:

Come Join Us:  Last year residents cleared the back field to have a space for gardens, a place to have a cook-out, exercise your children and pets.

If you want to garden or  have other ideas of how you want to use the field please join us.  This is open to all.

While part of our apartment building is rented to college students, who I don’t see wanting to put the time and money into a garden bed when they won’t be staying here more than a year or two, I do want to see this land being used by all.  I also hope new residents will realize they can join in to the community garden portion of the field to give more the opportunity to grow healthy and flavorful foods this year.

What will you be doing this week?

21 thoughts on “Change the World Wednesday, taking a walk

  1. I’m slowly starting to get my patio garden ready. I’m hoping to grow lots of tall plants so that people can see the garden even though we’re on the tenth floor. Hopefully it’ll inspire others in my building to realize how much they can do with their patios. Great post! I hope lots of people are interested in your community garden.

    • I love seeing patios filled with living plants, especially when living on the tenth floor where I would feel so apart from nature. I hope you inspire your neighbors too, it would be lovely to see all the patios filled with color.

      The community garden is coming along. Last year was the first we could get into the field in all the years this place has been here and there were only 3 of us who put in garden beds. On the other hand, the seating area was used by quite a few some who have mentioned that it was the cleared field that made them rent here. And more people are taking their pets out into the field to exercise them. It has to stay multi-purposed as I want it to fill all the needs of the tenants.

    • It has been cold here too, I stayed indoors myself. We even have painting in common today as I tackled a small painting project myself.

      I miss being out in the garden, I was so spoiled last year by how long a spring and summer we had.

  2. The last two days we’ve had spring weather–freezing in the morning and warm, sunny afternoons. Wonderful. However, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. I guess that’s part of spring too.
    As far as change the world Wednesday, I made a rain barrel last week. Now I just have to get it installed.

    • A rain barrel would be a dream. We have a large roof over the apartment building that gives us plenty of rain water, but the owner refuses to allow us to attach even one on the back of the building, he says it will look bad. I’m not giving up, one of these days I will find a way to convince either him or the new owners when the building sells.

        • It’s part of our crazy water laws, which are mostly designed to protect the rights of the people (in this case the states and countries) downstream. Most people would assume that water which falls on a given property belongs to the property owner, but not here. So you can redirect rain water, but you’re not allowed to capture and store it.

          I have very mixed feelings about the laws. On the one hand, I totally think we should have to leave some water for the Mexican farmers… on the other hand the thought of water that could have irrigated my garden being used to maintain some golf course in the middle of the desert makes my blood boil! If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend the film ‘The Milagro Bean Field Wars.’ It really gives you a good sense of water politics here in the Southwest. It’s also just a great movie.

          • That is so crazy, I lived in Arizona most recently and was told our water came from the melting snow from the Rockies, not that people in Colorado can not use their own rainwater.

            It did drive me nuts seeing the wasted water in the desert, growing up in PA and having plenty of fresh water around us, we still conserved when rain was lacking. We had restrictions on washing cars and so on. Yet in an area that basically gets no rainfall (the most they had in the 3 years I lived there was 4 inches in a year) has no restrictions. It boiled my blood to see sprinklers keeping golf courses green along with grass and non-native plants and trees alive. I kept thinking people should move to where these things thrived if they needed them that much.

  3. I’m going to sit here and enjoy the sunshine for now. Our winter is not done yet as it is suppose to get pretty cold here this weekend. :-)

  4. Well, I’m just about to head over to the library on my bike (does that count?) to return a few DVD’s. Then it’s out to the back yard to get the peas in the ground before the next round of storms hits! :-)

      • Well… we’re supposed to get snow later this week, but the rule of thumb here in Denver is that you’ve gotta get the peas and spinach planted by St. Patrick’s Day or else you won’t get any harvest before it gets too hot and the plants either wilt or bolt. But they don’t mind the cold weather… that’s why they’re called snow peas!

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