Just Wait They Will Get You

Today was our first gorgeous spring day with temperatures in the mid 40s and nothing but sun!!  I have been waiting for this for so long I couldn’t wait to get out and explore my town.


As I left my home the first thing I noticed were the vast numbers of people out enjoying the still frozen lake.  Some were using it to cross town, some to play a modified version of hockey while most were doing some final ice fishing.

But then I began to see the mess left behind that needs cleaned up.  Along the side of the road were numerous cigarette packages, solo cups, empty beer and pop cans, plastic bottles from various drinks.  I spotted a dead bunny, some mans underwear, I don’t want to know how someone’s underwear ended up on the side of the highway! That was all in less than half a mile’s distance.

I decided to stop at the grocery store. I haven’t been able to get there for the past couple of months as the side of the road has been unusable to me.  I was shocked at the changes I found.

I took plenty of photos today, wanting to give you a taste of my town as it thaws from winter, but for some reason I can’t get my phone to send them so I only have a few to share.

I only needed items from the produce section and some white vinegar.

In the produce section I found a vast increase in the amount of plastic items being sold now.

Isn’t this picture pretty?  But look closer, every item in these baskets are plastic. These are vegetable keepers.  They are supposed to keep your vegetables fresh longer.  Instead of using the small, square, glass dish I grew up using that could be stacked to take up as little space as possible and see through for easy finding we now have a plastic container shaped like the food supposedly in it.  It’s not enough to have yellow onion keepers, you also need the purple one as well. You need a garlic keeper (really??)  What is with these things any way?


Right next to the squashes was this display


Every item except one has plastic on it.  Even the apple slicer has plastic handles, middle of the second row from the top.

Directly next to the organic bananas were a large number of plastic holders for hanging your bananas to make them last longer. Am I the only one to find organic produce sitting next to plastic gadgets ironic? And note the description of this having an “attractive design, decorates and complements any decor”  Yes I love to decorate with plastic.   But look at the bottom you can see that if you buy several of these you can hang other types of produce as well.


I think I saved the best for last, and thankfully this picture was sent so I could share it with you.

Next I headed over to pick up some white vinegar. I nearly laughed in disgust at what I saw.  I am learning not to voice everything that comes across my brain in public.  It shouldn’t surprise me that as more people begin to clean with natural products that manufacturers were going to try to gouge us.


That’s right.  Hienz  has found a way to make more money off of us.   They are now selling extra strength vinegar specially formulated for cleaning!!

The Heinz website states that the cleaning vinegar is made with select sun-ripened grain diluted with water for a 6%  acidity level.  When looking at their distilled vinegar I found the same ingredients, select sun-ripened grain and water, but states it’s diluted to a 5% acidity level.

While there is a 1% difference in acidity level (is that really all that much?) the price on the cleaning vinegar is 79 cents more for the same size as the regular distilled vinegar.  After all these years, I didn’t realize my distilled vinegar wasn’t strong enough to clean my home properly, did you?

28 thoughts on “Just Wait They Will Get You

    • That’s fine, no I am in the US. Isn’t it crazy to add all that plastic to something organically grown? They have it on the ends and another plastic tape around the bananas identifying them as organic.


    • Hi Swiss Rose, the only explanation I can give you is that the plastic over the end is for additional identification that these are organic, not pesticide laden ones as those don’t have any plastic on them. It’s a good question and one I think I will bring up at the store. When I get an answer I will let you know.


  1. Just what we can’t live without-plastic coated bananas! Honestly I don’t get it. Why do you need a plastic coat on something that already has it’s own coat naturally. What’s next, plastic coated coconuts?


    • How sad! Our store isn’t much better, if you too noticed the plastic around the bananas. This particular store is my only local option (being locally-owned as well) to shopping at Walmart. This year I plan to increase the size and variety of my garden beds and to freeze as much as possible to avoid needing to purchase produce during the winter months. I’ll supplement with foods from the farmer’s market when that’s open. So while I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, that is my goal for this year.


  2. “Am I the only one to find organic produce sitting next to plastic gadgets ironic?”

    I’m afraid that many indulge in “organic” produce for selfish reasons and not because it is best for the environment. The convenience of plastic often trumps any ecological concerns.

    Dan @ ZenPresence


    • I think John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods is a great example of this. He’s a staunch believer in organic foods, but doesn’t believe there’s a scientific consensus for global warming. It makes my brain hurt…


      • I don’t know how I feel about the issue of global warming, I see changes all the time that are definitely not normal for us. Last winter here, the droughts in the mid-west, etc. This winter again was extremely mild as far as precipitation goes for this area.


  3. The one thing I don’t like about the end of winter is the dirty snow and what it leaves behind! I see the organic bananas in your photo had a plastic band around them and plastic wrapped around the end. Sigh!


    • That is the one thing I don’t like about the end of winter as well. I look often to see signs of green popping back up. The rakes should get a good work out as soon as the rest of the snow melts.

      Yes, isn’t that horrible? That is the only way I can buy organic bananas unless I head into the city to get them at the co-op. I haven’t figured it out as the regular bananas don’t have any plastic on them. I guess it’s to separate the two types as they set them next to each other.


  4. OK, a dead bunny and men’s underwear?? That’s quite a combination! The mind reels! My parents actually have one of those banana stands, although theirs is made of wood. My stepmom swears it keeps them fresh longer, but I’m a bit umm…. skeptical, to say the least.

    Glad you finally got some decent weather. We had a big snowstorm today, but it barely made it below freezing so its already melting. They’re saying temperatures near 70 by the end of the week! Hooray! I see a bike ride in my future.

    BTW, how is life without a fridge going?


      • It’s been a great learning experience. The funny thing is that the adults will question me about it. My son shakes his head when he sees me go outside for food or to the window for refrigerated items. The little ones have never questioned why, they just accepted it as normal. I have definitely learned that a fridge is something that may be nice to have, but not a need in my life.


    • I’ve seen the wooden banana stands, and if you want to use them and believe they work I’m okay with that, it’s the bombardment of all the plastic. I’ve seen clay garlic keepers as well, you can bake the garlic in those so I guess they have more than one use. I’ve never stored my garlic in any container and it keeps fine.

      Our weather is even more beautiful today, with mid 50 temps!!! I hope you get your 70s and can enjoy a good bike ride.

      Life with a fridge is going well. The trunk of the car has worked out for keeping foods frozen, until now, but I had anticipated warming weather and was able to finish the food there before it warmed. One thing I have found is that I need to plan how much I have left over carefully, this has resulted in ZERO food waste as I have nothing in the fridge that I forget about and then need to toss. I will be buying a chest freezer but have decided I don’t need a fridge after all.


    • I hope that is a good thing, Alex. It just amazes me how many new uses for plastic they can come up with, and none of it is a need. There are plenty of other good use items we can use for storing our foods. If you buy items already in plastic you could reuse those. I have glass peanut butter jars I use to store food in as well, you don’t have to buy storage containers in the first place, especially plastic ones.


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