You Need These, Part 2

I originally had something serious I was going to post today, but I have been feeling a little under the weather so I have decided to give you another installment of You Need These and will be back tomorrow with something serious.

I don’t receive much in the way of junk mail, but I do have deliveries from neighbors of their junk mail, often the catalogs are given to me because they believe my grand children will enjoy cutting out the pictures.  Little do they know I enjoy the occasional catalog myself but for totally different reasons….to share what I see as the most ridiculous items we are expected to waste our money on.  Today I have a whole new batch to share with you.

When you run out of dolls to collect, why not consider starting a monkey collection?  The only thing better than a monkey doll is one that you can interact with.  “Tickle her and she makes sounds of pure delight”.  This is perfect for those of us who want to have a pet but don’t believe our children will clean up after them.  It can be yours for only $129.99, but it gets even better you can pay in 5 monthly installments of only $25.99.


We all know flip-flops are the height of fashion.  So I have a few flip-flop ideas you must have.  Be the first to own these and let the rest of your friends and neighbors be jealous of you for a change.

First up, we must match. So here are matching purse and flip-flops.


Not into black and white?  It’s so timeless.  Don’t worry there are two other color combinations you can choose from. You can have your choice of styles for only $9.95

Next, let’s show everyone, strangers included, that you are at the height of fashion by displaying your flip-flops in your windows.  You get a set of 3 for $7.95, put them all in one window or spread them around.


Who said flip-flops can’t be on the table?  Sneakers maybe not but flip-flops of course and what better way to prep or serve your foods than on this cutting board.


Did you notice the spreader has very fashionable flip-flops on them? You will get both the cutting board and the spreader for $9.95

While you are serving your guests forget about adding an extra bowl of ice under a dish that needs to be kept cold, and forget the cooler we all carried around to keep our drinks cold.  Those are so yesterday.  Now you can keep your food and drinks cold in this plastic inflatable buffet. You can set it on a table or even on the ground, if you don’t mind bending over.  And think how little storage space it will take up.  Just be careful not to puncture the sides during your party. You can upgrade from those old-fashioned practices for the low, low price of only  $8.95


What is summer without water balloons?  But it is such a hassle to fill balloons from the sink or the hose.  Yes, I know that horrible sink faucet if not handled properly will drop the balloon splashing you with water, and we don’t want to get wet do we?  Of course balloons are an environmental problem, but there is a solution to both these problems.  It’s the pumponator with biodegradable balloons.   You will receive one Pumponator, 500 biodegradable balloon and tying strings all for $7.95


And It’s so easy to use check out the instructions.


Have a couple more windows in your home that need some fun decorations?  Why not pick up a couple of these window clings to remind yourself of how much you love Jeff Dunham (serious note here: I do enjoy the comedy of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham)?


But wait,  here’s something I forgot.  We have windows every where, at home, on our cars and yes even at work.  So get a couple for the office it will show the world how sophisticated you are. See the second sentence below. Don’t pass this up as it is selling currently for $9.95 and other places are selling it for $16.95!


Speaking of working and home. For those of us who want to work in our pajamas but don’t want people who stop by to know we are working in our pajamas I found the perfect items for you.

First, for women, lounge pants that are painted to look like jeans or cargo pants.  That’s right now you can sit around in your PJs and no one will know the difference.  Perfect comfort all day long for $11.95 a pair, tell me you can beat that any where else.


I can’t leave the men out, so these are for you.  You can now have the comfort you always wanted.  No more pockets to annoy you, these pants have all the details that so annoy you painted on so you can look just like everyone else but know for $10.95 you are more comfortable. Aren’t they stylish?


I made sure to find a few products for your pets as well.  First up have you considered how difficult it is for your dog to have to bend or lay down to eat?  Can that really be good for their digestion?  Here are two dog dishes with an adjustable holder to fit your dog perfectly. Ensure comfort and proper digestion for $12.95


Of course you want to keep your pets safe while at home or traveling.  That old dog house and chain isn’t very nice.  So now you can have a pet play pen.  There are two pockets to store needed supplies in as well so you will never have to run out of food or toys for your pet. And just think this will only cost you $34.95, so much cheaper than a dog house and chain. One question, where will they go to the bathroom in this?


Forget putting tools away, they should be on display.  Welcome your guest with a special shovel right in your front yard. For $13.95 not only is it decorative, it has built-in solar LED lights to illuminate  your entry.  No one will miss your shovel sitting outside your front door!


Pools have been around for a long time, my children risked the exposure of the sun every time I let them go swimming.  But now look what your children can have!  It’s a beautiful plastic princess pool, with roof covering. Now instead of the harmful rays of the sun, your children can enjoy the aroma of hot petrochemicals as they waft down around them.  Their protection and fun is worth the $26.95 you will spend on this.


Knives are so dangerous to use, and certain foods are so hard to cut with the knife.  That’s why along with the banana slicer I told you about here, I now have found the watermelon slicer.  Just think how quickly you will have your watermelon ready to eat now! For only $9.95  think of how much time and energy you will save.


You know I like to repurpose everything I possibly can, so when I saw this I knew you would want one as well.  Cork is a wonderful product, and after drinking wine what do you do with the cork topper?  You could make many things like this

but what if you aren’t very crafty or you aren’t looking for something functional?  The next best solution is to display them on a wall in this lovely holder.  The fuller it is the more beautiful it will be, and all it will cost you is $7.95 plus the cost of many a nights of wine drinking.


Speaking of storing things….where do you store your hose when you aren’t using it?  A hose is so unsightly, but I found one that will shrink up and could fit in your pocket.  There are two sizes available 25 feet for only$10.95 or double the size and get 50 feet of hose for the incredibly low price of $15.95.  Remember the bigger the item the better your deal.


Of course we all need secure homes.  Safety of our families is the first thing on our minds.  With the cost of guns and the possibility of a child getting a hold of a gun, you should consider a guard dog.  This guard dog comes with its own gun and is so frightening that any intruder will run from the sight of him.  At just $14.95 think how safe you will feel.


Finally for today,  I found the ultimate drinking glasses for you.  They have the authentic Ball designs but instead of drinking out of just any Ball/Mason jar you can now have the classy jars as stemware.  Not only that, you will receive a lid to keep bugs out and a redneck coaster with each one.   Forget buying your own jars and if you want a stem having to find a candlestick holder that will work.  What would that cost you?  Do you think it would be as cheap as the $8.95 you will spend for each here?


If you think you can make these for less, check out this from Kanelstrand which as a video tutorial on how to make them.

I know you will want each and every item I have shown you today so I added the cost up for you (minus shipping and tax) .  Are you ready you can have one of each and every item here for only $349.14.  What a steal,  you will need places to store or display these items after you buy them so don’t forget to pick up a couple more storage totes while you are at it.

Stay tuned for more YOU NEED THESE coming irregularly.

24 thoughts on “You Need These, Part 2

  1. The watermelon slicer I have one maybe on a smaller scale for apples its a great way to core and eat an apple in the morning with breakfast.. Lots of great ideas collected here :-)

    • I can see an apple slicer. But can you imaging how sharp the blades would have to be to cut through a watermelon, or how much force you would have to use? And the round “core” of the watermelon, I wonder if people will toss that out, I’ve always eaten every bite with the exception of the seeds and the rind.

  2. Food served on a Flip Flop, I can’t imagine anything more off putting. By the way in Australia we call them thongs, which I know has a different meaning in the states!

    • Ye, we do have another use for the work thong here, one I have never tried myself it just doesn’t sound comfortable. I know these are comfortable to slip on and wear, but the obsession with them in decorating escapes me I wouldn’t want it.

    • It has gotten ridiculous, I think how many people simply wanting to buy something will spend their money on things like this when something they already own could suffice. To look at just my own expenses, these items today would be 3 months worth of groceries, and that much more work I would have to do.

  3. P.s. Gotta get me some of those flip flop sun catchers… how have I managed to live forty some odd years without them? :-)

  4. OK… totally not the point of this post I know, but since there is a new dog in your life I figured I’d mention it. My next door neighbors used to chain one of their dogs to the dog house to keep him from jumping the fence. Well, one day little MoMo discovered that if he climbed on top of the dog house he had enough chain to jump the 6 foot fence into the next yard. Unfortunately little MoMo’s calculations didn’t take into account that he’d need enough chain to reach the ground on the other side of the fence. So he jumped over and hung himself and was killed. It was absolutely devastating for the whole neighborhood, not to mention their two little kids.

    So, a word of caution… one should use extreme care when chaining a dog to be sure something similar can’t happen. Just my public service announcement for the day. :)

    • I agree with you on chains, there are too many of those instances where a dog has hung himself. I hope someone is reading this who may have their dog located in an area where he/she could be injured.

      I have lived in areas where our dog needed chained I kept the chain and the dog house away from anything he could get hurt on. One way was to keep the chain by the door we let him out of, and then only have it long enough he could comfortable get into the dog house but not much further. One thing about the pet play pen is that there is no shelter what-so-ever for the animal. At least a dog house allows the dog to get out of the rain or intense sun.

      As for Zakk, the previous owners of my son’s home had invisible fencing installed so they plan to work with him using the collar and see how that works rather than using chains.

  5. That hose was at Target (Australia) just the other day! I can see people in my life buying some of these… save for the smell of petrochemicals. What a scream!

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