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I haven’t shared items in a while that I find absolutely ridiculous, but today I hit the jackpot of ridiculousness.   For some reason my normally empty mail box held an invitation for my grand daughters second birthday party and a mail order catalog.  Out of curiosity I browsed through the catalog and having no one here to vent to I thought of you my wonderful readers.

First up, washing feet in the shower is difficult and dangerous.  So manufacturers have made the perfect item to help you scrub your feet.  $17.95 isn’t much to guarantee your safety while making sure your feet are squeaky clean.


Now I will admit that with balance issues it is dangerous for me to scrub my feet, which is why I do my feet immediately after my shower from a chair and then dry well.  Even if you have trouble, like I do, take a good look at the picture.  How will you get your ankle clean unless you bend down and wash it?

Next up,  produce is so hard to peel.  Potatoes, apples, other fruits and ready for this?   It can even be adjusted to remove the skins off tomatoes.  No need to blanch a tomato any longer


This wonderful peeler comes with a thumb knife to remove potato eyes, and 3 sturdy plastic blades (with stainless steel cutting edges) and can be operated with 6 volt adapter or 4 AA batteries. One catch you must hand wash the pieces.  Forget those difficult to use hand peelers that will cost you less than $5, now for $29.95 you can have a machine to do all the work for you.  With the included adapter you won’t even have to buy batteries, if you don’t want to.

Now for the perfect way to prepare your hot dogs and warm the buns at the same time.


No longer will you need to light up the barbecue or pull out that sauce pan to cook your hot dogs or the need to turn on the oven to warm your buns.  This appliance will steam up to 24 hot dogs at a time, again you will need to hand wash this when finished. This is only $79.95, and think of how often you will use it.

Want cotton candy, but the circus isn’t coming to town this week?  Now you can make it at home.


Just add your sugar to the plastic bowl, the plastic dome will prevent spills on your counter and wind your cotton candy on the paper cones.  Most of these parts are dishwasher safe.  Just think for $59.95 you will no longer need to wait for the amusement park or festival to open to enjoy a sugar rush.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted a PVC lounger chair that can be converted into a bed.  I love the feel of plastic, don’t you?  And that smell, some say it gives them head aches.  But this is the ultimate lounger, it can be converted to either a twin or queen sized bed for guests or as a recliner for movie watching.  Where else could you get 3 pieces of furniture for $99.95?



On to the subject of showers again,  I want to enjoy a different type of shower each day.  Some days I may want a stimulating massage from my shower head, other days I just want something a little more gentle.  This shower head gives you the main shower head, plus the ability to use up to 6 more mini heads for the ultimate enjoyment.  That means I could feel as if I were in a different shower every day of the week. At $49.95 that’s quite a steal.


Have you been looking for dance shoes?  Well Dr. Scholl’s has come up with the perfect dance shoe for you.  It’s feather-light, flexible EVA plastic is extremely comfortable.  it even comes with an adjustable buckle for the perfect fit.  Our feet are worth the $69.95 you will spend on these.


If you need to purchase a new alarm clock, forget about those old-fashioned ones that need you to set the time, get one that allows you to use voice commands to set time and alarm all in a lovely plastic case for durability. This will only set you back $49.95 and so much better than using your cell phone for an alarm.


This mail order catalog came with pre-approval for credit up to $400.  I did the math for you, each of these products totaled together will cost you $457.60 plus tax and shipping and handling.   I know you want each and every one, now how many hours will you have to work to pay for this? Then you will need to make room to store these items, and of course the lovely plastic is yours forever.

Okay, I’ve been sarcastic, I think it’s the fact that I planned to go out and explore my town then pouring rains arrived and I am stuck inside, I’ll be serious…

When you look at these catalogs (and yes there were plenty of other items I rolled my eyes at) we really need to think whether they are worth our hard-earned money and if we have something already that could do the same job without buying more stuff.  Do we really want to be consumers of this type of junk, just to be able to say we own this or that?  I think a minimalist mindset is more to my liking.  I like knowing that I have items that can be used for many purposes and eliminate the need to store and own different things for different tasks.  Just take my rice cooker, it’s seldom that I actually use it to cook rice but it’s used almost every day.

I did find one item that got me thinking.  When space is an issue, like in my home, having items that serve multiple functions is much appreciated. While I won’t be spending $129.95 on it, I have put the idea away to make something similar for myself.


Isn’t this a great idea, a rolling cart that can store many things from fabric to sewing notions or maybe even fit under the counter to store fruit and items not wanted left out on display.  Then can be pulled out and turned into an ironing board.

That’s my rant for today.  What have you seen lately that made your eyes roll?

36 thoughts on “We Need These!

    • Alex, it’s funny I didn’t see them as for lazy people but rather as products for people who believe they need to have one of everything, or those who are so unhappy they find happiness in shopping…although the foot washing “shoe” is definitely for a lazy person. :-)

    • Glad I provided you some entertainment, I was hoping I would provide a laugh for everyone. It is sad that people buy these things, maybe if more people made fun of the products they would think twice before buying them, I can only hope.

  1. It’s good to know there are so many things in this world that I don’t want — and wouldn’t want as a gift. These are hilarious.

    • Thanks Jes. Isn’t it amazing when we stop to think about them we realize we really don’t want them. Do you really live in Albuquerque? I lived there back in the early 90s and loved it, I miss it often.

  2. I can actually think of a few instances where I would use a product like some of those, but I’m suspicious that they don’t really work. I could have used the peeler many times when canning bushels of certain vegetables. Also, not necessary, but when I was a kid, I went to a birthday party with a cotton candy machine and I thought it was the most magical thing in the world. But overall, I think most of those things are probably junk.

    • I do think most of the things are junk and not worth the money. I can see the desire for wanting to speed up the canning process when doing huge batches, my grandparents had a metal peeler that had a hand crank for doing that, I don’t think it could have peeled tomatoes, but it’s easy to remove the skins on them by blanching them first. I bet seeing a cotton candy machine as a kid was the highlight of the party, but today with all the problems we know are associated with too much sugar I don’t think it’s something that we should be having all the time.

      • Yes! Please post more if you find crazy stuff like that!! I’m a minimalist and won’t even consider working those albatross’ into my lifestyle. But I can certainly appreciate the great humor it provides! Google ‘this is why I’m broke’ its the best website for posting the most bizarre stuff out there!! :D

    • I know where do people put all the gadgets they buy for the kitchen? I have a sister who has to own every appliance imaginable for her kitchen. She has them stored in the kitchen, shelves in the basement, and even a storage shed outside. Then she has to run around searching for the one she wants, it’s crazy. Me I’m too lazy to put that much effort in to preparing food, I’ll grab the first that that will work and make do.

  3. :) Too funny! I have to admit that because of spasicity, my legs don’t bend much at the moment and I cheat and hope that the soap that runs off of me in the shower is also cleaning my feet – but then again, they arent getting very dirty in the middle of winter either. So I probably wouldnt have used that one either – but it came the closest to seeming useful. Almost. Mostly expensive and ugly.

    • I tried that idea too, but I was self conscious about my feet and ankles and found myself constantly checking them. So then I resorted to having a seat and washing them off once I got out of the shower. I thought the ugliest product was that shower head with 7 different heads to it, who would want to see that every day?

  4. Wow I don’t even wash my ankles! I suppose the cleaning police shall be coming for me soon!

    I think the issue with these catalogues is I may look at it and think $50 isn’t much (comparatively) and buy a fairy floss machine. Let me confess I love that stuff! I have one of the most joyous photos of me at 25 with a big stick of the stuff. And it’s not (yet) something you can buy at the grocery store (really thank goodness for that!) I’d never buy it though cause
    1 where would it go in my little kitchen
    2 sugar is no good for you
    3 there’s no other use for it (two of these points are why I don’t own a rice cooker – well I don’t know how to use it for anything other than rice that is!)

    That being said I may be tempted if I saw one in a thrift store! Great post – I really couldn’t agree more

    • Thanks Sarah, I couldn’t agree more with you on the issue of not needing to eat that much sugar. I think people do think that way, it’s only $XX but it’s when you add it all up that you finally see where all your money has gone. When I received my rice cooker as a gift I put a smile on my face and said thank you. I couldn’t understand why some one made such a stupid thing, I mean how hard is it to cook rice on a stove top. But now that I don’t have a stove I love the thing. You can cook eggs in it, boil potatoes, reheat foods,I even cook oatmeal in it. My only complaint is that it has a non-stick surface.

  5. made me laugh ALL the way :) …the hot dog warmer/cooker made me laught the most…even if I saw someone using a coffee pot to basically do the same thing…warm the hot dogs in the water, and warm the buns on the top. Hopefully they don’t use the same pot to brew their coffee…

    • Daniela, I’m glad I was able to make you laugh today. I never thought of making coffee in it, but I guess if you paid that much for it you would either need to eat hot dogs nearly every day or find some thing else to make in it. Can’t you just see this being stuck so far back in storage that when you wanted to make the hot dogs you won’t want to dig it out?

    • Thanks Laurie, cotton candy is something I never liked, until this past summer. I was visiting the farmer’s market where a woman who runs a maple syrup business offered me a taste of her homemade maple cotton candy. Oh my it was delicious! I’m glad you enjoyed my ranting, I see these things often and wonder why in the world people would want to own all these things.

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