Revisiting the Money Diet, I won

By the end of January I felt as if I had failed at the Money Diet, but I did learn a few things and re-evaluated what I call my necessities so I guess not all was lost. You can read my final post I wrote on what I learned here.  I did end up with extra savings by the end of the month I wouldn’t have had and was in a position to use some of it to help my son with a car repair so he could get to work.  Being out of work  part of November and all of December with Christmas, the end of January wasn’t the time for him to need to invest in a costly vehicle repair.

The best part of the January Money Diet were the daily posts written by Eliza.  You don’t need to participate in a money diet to appreciate the daily suggestions which included , reducing food waste,  money saving ideas from other bloggers,  recipes for more cooking from scratch, connecting with your neighbors and so much more. I have included a complete list of the daily ideas with the links for you at the end of this post.

I was shocked to receive an email informing me that I had won the giveaway prize Eliza was giving to one random commenter.  Today I want to share the thoughtful gifts she choose for the prize.  Each will be lovingly used.

First up were books


The book on the left is a blank journal, then she included two recipe books 101 Uses  for Bacon and  Recipes for Kindness.  Recipes for Kindness has amazing recipes and ways to wrap food gifts for giving which can me made with things you already have.  While I am a vegetarian, and don’t have  stove both of these will become gifts to my daughters-in-law who will enjoy them greatly. The journal is all mine :-)

Next up is a pair of slipper socks.


I never wear socks, don’t own any but I do own slipper socks. When it’s cold slipper socks are the best way for me to keep my feet warm without worrying about slipping as I fall very easily.  Recently at my son’s house which is has all hardwood floors I realized I had worn down the grippers on the pairs I currently have so receiving these was a very welcome gift.

Next up a few paper gifts.


There is a magnetic notepad, a box of beautiful greeting cards and a pack of 50 recipe cards with index.  Aren’t they beautiful?

Next are 4 kitchen gadgets


There is a peeler, a crinkle cut peeler, an adjustable measuring spoon and the cutest egg beater I’ve ever seen.  The blue peeler will go to my eldest son to eliminate his excuse for not peeling potatoes. Christmas  we have dinner at his house, his wife borrowed a couple of my plates to have enough for everyone, but that afternoon my son mentioned he didn’t peel the potatoes this time as their peeler broke. I laughed and told him he could have borrowed mine.  Well, now he will have his own peeler.

A couple baking items were next.


There is the cutest penguin cookie cutter (with instruction booklet) and a bottle of almond extract.   I know the cookie cutter will have to go to my one daughter-in-law who bakes cookies often with her daughter and collects penguins.  I’m still debating with myself if I will share the extract.

Finally, I found these.


Three Ghirardelli chocolate squares.  Since I was opening the box as my daughter-in-law and the two children arrived to show me the Valentine’s gift I bought for them (I paid for them to have professional pictures taken of the children rather than candy this year) I shared them with all, we took turns having a bite of each. I first thought I didn’t take a picture of these, but finally found it to share.

If you missed Eliza’s daily inspirational posts here’s a complete list for you.

  1. Shop at Home
  2. Plan Your Meals
  3. Compute Your Net Worth
  4. Get Serious About Eliminating Debt
  5. Fix Something
  6. Get Your First Tax Deduction of 2013
  7. Give Something a Little TLC
  8. Lower Your Utility Bills
  9. Sell Something
  10. Finish Something
  11. Create Something
  12. Score Something Free
  13. Repurpose Something
  14. Plan Your Garden
  15. -Explore-Your-Local-lLibrary
  16. Learn a New Skill
  17. Improve Your Personal Space
  18. Cook Double
  19. Explore Your City
  20. Connect With Your Neighbors
  21. Cook a Vegetarian Meal
  22. Pay Less for Gas
  23. Try Alternative Transportation
  24. Cancel Something
  25. Go for Zero Waste
  26. Make Something From Scratch (with delicious recipes)
  27. Get New Money Saving Ideas From These Inspiring Bloggers
  28. Reduce Food Waste
  29. Research Major Expenses
  30. Declutter One Place
  31. Just the Beginning



  1. Very nice prize collection! That’s funny about the potato peeler. I do have one now because I’ve found it easier to peel those bumpy sweet potatoes. But for ‘regular’ smooth potatoes, I grew up watching my mom peel them with a knife, and that’s the way I do it too.

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