Friday Favorites Februrary 8th

How time flies, it seems like it was just Christmas and here we are days shy of Valentine’s Day.   While I may have taken a few days off for a short vacation you haven’t and kept me quite busy catching up when I got home.  So here’s what you wrote that caught my eye this week.   I have several new bloggers to welcome this week and have my favorites of theirs to share, I hope I am the one to introduce you all.


Advantages of a Small Home

  1. Tiny House Ontario shows you how small of a solar panel will meet all your electrical needs in a tiny home here.
  2. Another story came to my attention this week on how little it takes to light a tiny home and gives a review of the Firefly mobile LED solar light.


Re-Purposing Items

  1. If you ever bought a can of paint you would have received a paint stick.  At one time I had a whole bag of these lying around.  If you have an abundance of paint sticks why not put them to good use?  Here are 50 ideas for using paint sticks in a creative way.
  2. I had heard about felting wool, but figured it took money and an investment in special yarns.  Little did I know felting wool can be as cheap as finding used wool sweaters and costs nothing to do the felting. Even I could do it!!  Here is a wonderful tutorial on wool felting and a gorgeous finished project to get your imagination running.
  3. I have acquired a few tin cans lately from my son’s home, don’t ask how.  While I’m not thinking of saving all the tin cans I did enjoy this post on 50 uses for tin cans, may of which are very unique and would be a great alternative to buying something needed say a light fixture (seriously it’s beautiful).


Your Natural Home

  1. Creative Savv shares how a cluttered home makes her feel, we all have a gem hiding under the piles of clutter even if it’s only a small pile.
  2. There are plenty of stain removal options in the store for your clothes. I wouldn’t use most, if any, of them.  Today I learned there is a simple way of pre-treating clothes that costs only 97 cents and if you make your own soap you probably already have this product.
  3. When I think of a natural home, I think of everything in it, including my clothes.  While this story is really about a company that thinks of everything about the sustainability of how they make our outerwear, but they even think of the end life of the product.  Are you aware there is a company that makes a good natural product, will repair it for you if it needs it, and even goes so far as taking it back at the end of it’s life to be re-purposed?  You can learn much more here.
  4. By now you have heard me rave about my crock pot/slow cooker, but did you know you could make a healthy granola for your family in it? Here’s a recipe for a delicious granola your family will love.
  5. Yesterday I shared my newest love for vinegar.  But here’s one I haven’t talked about much on the blog.  Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural product which can be used with vinegar and baking soda to complete all your household chores. You won’t need anything else.



  1. The picture was the first thing I noticed on this post, but the rest is sure to pull at your heart strings.  This is for all the stay at home moms, or moms wanting to stay at home.
  2. I know that some days all a person needs to make their day better is a smile, for some it can be the expression in our eyes when we look at someone.  But have you ever thought you could change the direction of a person’s life with the tiniest look?  Thank you to Wayward Spirit for bringing this lovely article to my attention. To visit Wayward Spirit click here, for the full story click here.
  3. Jean came face to face with her addiction this week, the end result was she learned patience and opened her eyes to the world around her.  Her story is well written and will engage you.
  4. This cartoon should be posted every where.  As a society we don’t take enough time to take proper care of ourselves.
  5. We all had dreams at one point in our lives.  Some may have been a little out there when we were children, but we refined them over time to come from our  heart.  Alex asks,  “Have you found your dream and your completeness?”
  6. As you recently found out, I am still on a mission in my home to reduce the amount of things I own.  The path to a simpler life can take time, but it helps if you know where you are intending to go and what outcome you want as a result of simplifying your life.   Here is one story of how three words set the ground work for what simplicity would mean, those three words were:  Balance, Freedom, Joy.  I hope you have time to read this as it would have been just what I needed when I started my journey, as I had no idea where I meant it all to lead.


Valentine’s Day

  1. You can’t miss all the Valentine gift ideas if you leave your home, but have you thought through what the cost of each of those gifts are to the environment and yourself?  What about the amount of pesticides on those cut roses?  Find out more here.
  2. I don’t buy cards, but I know many of you do buy or make cards for those you care for.  This post as the cutest card ideas to make for Valentine’s day.
  3. Want to make a Valentine’s gift perfect for a child?  While this would technically be a card, it’s card and gift in one.  I happened to spot this blog earlier this week, it’s called Creating Really Awesome Free Things, now why did it take me so long to find?  Check it out here.
  4. Do you give small gifts to children on Valentine’s Day?  Then you will need a gift box.  Why not use something you already have in your  home that would normally be tossed in the recycle bin?
  5. We all know Valentine’s Day was created for men to give gifts to the women they love.  But what about children?  The vast majority of cards and gifts are geared towards the female, here are a few Valentine cards just for boys you could recreate yourself.


Do It Yourself

  1. There is one product in my home (not counting paint) which I hadn’t found a substitute for and that is Goo-Gone.  This week is the turning point for me, I no longer have to buy Goo-Gone, not only will this work, but it’s sooo much cheaper than the commercial product. How to make your own Goo-Gone with just two ingredients you have in your kitchen.
  2. When it comes to our homes, there are many alternatives to the traditional products we can use.  Have you ever wanted to try wallpaper?  I tried it and hated the process swearing I would never do it again.  This week I found an alternative to wallpaper with the same look.  What will you need?  A level, tape and a sharpie, take a peek here at two rooms using this technique.
  3. I’m all for doing it myself, but there is a limit to the number of tools I will buy. If I am going to buy them, rather than borrowing them, it has to be something I use all the time.  Still, I never thought about how little some tools are used.  Did you know the average domestic power drill is only used for one hour of it’s lifetime?  You can read more here along with a list of more items you could consider sharing rather than owning.
  4. If you have been wanting a dream catcher, but don’t want to pay the costs of the one’s you’ve seen, make your own with this tutorial.   Total cost should come out to less than $5 and if you have the couple of items lying around in your home (I do) then you can make on for free.
  5. Even if you don’t have a lot of things to store away, everyone could use a storage bin.  Have you ever priced the fabric storage bins in the stores, unbelievable?  They are so pricey. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own quick and easy.
  6. Are you wanting to try making a solar product?  Why not start with what you have on hand to make your own USB charger?  You might be surprised how easy it can be.
  7. Do you have a few glass jars sitting around that you don’t know what to do with but don’t want to toss them in the recycling?  Why not make solar lights for your outdoor patio or garden areas?



  1. Did you know participating in a CSA will not only feed your family healthily but bring you some humor as well?  Check out Mr. Carrot and you may want to join a CSA of your own.
  2. Bethany took a break from her normal writing to give us a little humor to brighten our days, you can check them out here.
  3. While this article is serious in nature, I  had no idea what I was about to read when I clicked over and after the initial surprise I found myself laughing.  For educational reading I enjoy the Simplicity Collective.  This particular post is informative, yet even I haven’t considered going this far in greening my home and reducing the amount of electricity I use. I won’t say never, because I always get in trouble, but this is definitely the cheapest way to purchase that new washing machine.

Enjoy your reading, was there anything I missed that you would like to share?


27 thoughts on “Friday Favorites Februrary 8th

  1. Thanks for sharing so many great sites. I am going to try the goo gone recipe. It could be a real money saver.
    I am enjoying your writing and all you share. Lois I have a question about how you mix the baking soda and vinegar for shampoo.I used baking soda as a dry shampoo during cancer treatment since I couldn’t get my
    head wet.How and what measurements do you use? This interests me. I have very thin, fine hair and my skin
    is easily irritated.


    • I’m so sorry you had to deal with cancer treatments. I hope everything is fine now for you, Mary. As for how I use the baking soda to wash my hair I use a heaping table spoon (I have very thick hair) and then add warm water to dissolve the baking soda, maybe 3/4 a cup, mix it with a spoon and apply to wet hair. I gently massage it through the hair and scalp, rinse then spray white vinegar straight (you could dilute it) on the hair. I comb the vinegar through my hair and rinse. If you have thin fine hair you could use much less baking soda maybe a teaspoon and get great results.


  2. I just love your Friday Favorites … I get so many great ideas and I get to meet fabulous blogs. And WOW … thank you so much for including my Valentine’s Day post … I’m honored to be included in this great lineup! Have a wonderful weekend!


    • I love your challenges, they make me think about how I can do more, but with Valentine’s Day arriving I thought it was important to share the negative costs (money excluded) of our purchases. Glad you enjoy the Friday Favorites.


    • You are very welcome, I so enjoyed your post and kept thinking what a better approach you had than I did. I knew nothing about what I wanted other than to get rid of things that were taking up space, from there everything snowballed.


  3. It has taken me half an hour to get to the bottom of your page to comment LOL, for I found so many interesting links you have provided… Thank you, I have saves several in my bookmarks and will be back to comment upon them.. Many thanks for sharing..
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend


    • I’m sorry lol I try to have a little of everything, and to include as many people who support me as possible to introduce new blogs to you. Glad you found a few things that interested you, I’d hate to waste your time :-) You have a great weekend too, I’m staying in we are getting so much snow right now.


  4. At the risk of being late to work, I want to stop and say thanks for the mention. Must read your Friday Faves later. Oh how I want to stay home and get caught up on my reading!


  5. Goodness, Lois! I take a few days away from the Internet,and I’ve missed a whole universe of information…and the best stuff is on your blog! I’m usually not up this late, so thanks for posting your Friday Favorites on a Thursday night..I can do some good reading for a bit.


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