Award time, and more about me

imagesI received a surprise yesterday when I was reading comments and found Deeps Space nominated me for the Liebster Award. If you haven’t found Deeps Space yet, you should check it out.  When people blog they blog for a lot of reasons, this is one blog that is in my opinion done right, a blog done for no other reason than what the writer wants to write about or remember for himself.  If your goal is to get in shape this year, you can challenge yourself to keep up with Deeps Space, or find out what the next great book is that you may want to read, and more.  So a huge thank you to Deeps Space.

Of course there are rules that go with each award and this one is no different.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. List 11 things about yourself.
  3. Answer questions posed to you.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
  5. Pose 11 questions to your nominees.

Of course you know I have given up on following the rules so I will change this up a little.  Do you really want to know 11 more things about me?  Feel free to skip this part. :-)


11 Things About Me

  1. I lived in Los Angeles for 13 months between 1981 and 82.  During that time I lived in Buena Park, Downey, and Whittier.  Whittier was the only place that even came close to feeling like home.
  2. I have been on a purge lately of my home and have a corner of the apartment filled with things going to the thrift shop.  More on this later.
  3. I just learned today that my favorite author (Stephen King) has a new book out on Kindle for .99! Yep, it’s mine now and I can’t wait to start reading it. Yes, I did just buy a book on my money diet month, Hey it’s Stephen King!!  :-)
  4. When I finish this post I’m going to start reading a book that came in (yes the library) called One Man’s Leg. I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time.
  5. I’m more of a dog person than a cat person (although I can’t think of an animal I don’t love-  if even from a distance for safety’s sake)
  6. The first dog I ever shared my home with as an adult was half pit bull and half wild wolf, best and smartest dog I ever had.
  7. I have been trying bar soap for the first time as an adult and find it’s not bad in the shower but I  hate having a bar soap for everyone’s use at the bathroom sink, it’s gross so it’s back to making my own soap. I just have this thing about sharing my soap with people who just finished using the bathroom.  Yep call me strange.
  8. I only have one tattoo, but just learned I will be getting a second as my daughter-in-law shared with me it’s going to be my Mother’s Day present to give me time to get the right design worked out.  You’ll have to wait to see what I get, but it has almost as much meaning for me as the one I currently have.
  9. My very first marriage proposal came in school when I was 6 years old on the way to the lunch room.  I moved and we lost touch at age 9, but a surprise meeting right after graduating high school brought us back together.   At age 18 he re-proposed to me. Yes, I accepted both times.
  10. I would be perfectly happy living in the middle of no where if I could meet all my own needs and not have to commute for things like food.
  11. My favorite plant (non-edible) is any variety of hosta.


Now for the questions I must answer

1. How are you today:

I’m great!  Had time to spend with family, and even got to some organizing and de-cluttering I had been wanting to do.

2. What is your dream job:

My dream job would be anything that made a difference in other people’s lives.  Without that a job is just a paycheck.

3. Would you rather lick peanut butter off a hobo’s bare feet or spend 2 months in jail: 

Okay just yuck!! I guess I would have to say I’d rather spend time in jail.  Can I have solitary where I could read all day but with a view from my cell and maybe my own outdoor space?

4. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

That really depends on what season it is.  Right now being winter and miserable outside (for me) my free time is spent reading, restoring found objects and furniture and cross stitch.  The other seasons, well almost anything outdoors. 

5. If you’ve ever been on a vacation, what was your most memorable? Why?  (honeymoons don’t count):

I’ve been on many vacations but if I had to pick one I’d say it was the trip I took with my eldest son through Arizona right before he left to join the Army (he had just had his 18th birthday). I was nervous for him because we had just entered Afghanistan and talk was we were about to invade Iraq.  I was afraid I may never have this time with him again.  We drove to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Desert (where we had the most interesting encounter with a pair of ravens), then on to Meteor City and finally the Grand Canyon where my lovely son decided he needed a better view and hung over the railing by his one leg to get pictures.

6. What have you learned today?

Let’s see, first that Stephen King has a new book for Kindle.  That my grand daughter won’t try to do a somersault because she doesn’t like the top of her head to be on the floor, that I will be taking a short trip this coming weekend, that not all environmental news has to be bad (thank you Tegan)……

7. If you were going to write a book what would you call it and what would it be about?

I actually have two books in the process. The first is a collection of recipes and is called Memories of Grandmother’s Kitchen.  I am working on the proof copy as we speak.   The second is tentatively called When Learning Hurts and is a book about education and the ADD/ADHD child.  This is currently in a very rough draft and needs more work before it sees the light of day.

8. If you were to visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?

This is easy, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland.  I would like to rent a cottage in the country for maybe a month and get to hear the stories of  their folklore and meet the people to learn about their lives. I am part Irish while most of my relatives came from Germany it’s the Irish side that fascinates me.

9.  Do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous?

I am most definitely a spontaneous person.  I refuse to wear a watch, have one clock in the house which sits on the bathroom vanity (for those times I need to be some where on time).  It’s the freedom from the rat race that I love.  After years of having to live on a schedule for work, children and their schooling or activities it’s very freeing to just wake up and know I can do anything I want today.

10. What’s your favorite part of today so far?

Other than the time I got to spend with my family, and finally finishing the closet clean out, it would be finding out the book I ordered came in after months of waiting to read it.

11.  What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done.

You will never know the number of things that ran through my head as I pondered this question.  But I will share one of them and you can decide for yourself if it is weird. 

In high school I had the same history teacher all 4 years.  He taught me so much and not just about history. I loved having him as my teacher.  Two years running his class was the first class of the day for me.  On Monday mornings we learned that he had wild drinking parties on the weekends, so to avoid the actual lesson he had planned a different student each week would interrupt him with raised hand and ask what his weekend was like.  If he didn’t fall for it another student would start telling him about a party he/she went to over the weekend.  Eventually he would stop and talk about his partying and our parties.  He would get so caught up in hearing what we did over the weekend that soon the bell would startle him and he’d admonish us not to tell the other classes that we did no work that morning.

Several students, myself included, got together to try and think of a gift we could give him to show how much we loved him. Someone suggested a case of his favorite beer.  We couldn’t come up with anything better so then it was who was going to buy it.  Every one decided I would be the one to buy it  (yes I frequently was able to get served underage).  I took it home in the back of my hatchback car to take to our teacher the next day, the last day of classes.   My grandfather asked me who’s beer was in my car and I explained.  His only question was how long it would be in my car (pretty cool ha?) when I said only till morning he was fine with it.  Can you tell I was raised by good German folk?

We all met at my car in the school parking lot where no one wanted to be the one to get caught taking a case of beer into the school. One had a scholarship to a prestigious college for football and didn’t want to risk losing it, but everyone had an excuse. I finally picked it up and carried it inside.  The classroom was on the second floor, but no one would carry it up the stairs for me so I had to walk through the school past the office to the other side to get the elevator then back through the school.  We had quite the group of students following us to see where this case of beer was going.  At that moment I knew how the Pied Piper felt.  I walked into the classroom and presented our teacher with his gift. He freaked, grabbed the case and ran out of the school to hide it without even saying thanks. 

First period one of the students asked him what he received that morning. He rushed to the door to close it, then informed us that he never received such an awesome gift from any students before not for what it was but the risk we took to give it to him, then told us we could never tell anyone.  We all looked around and laughed because other than the Principal everyone in the school (of close to 2,000 students) either saw or heard about the case of beer that took a trip through the school.

So what do you think, weird or just plain stupid?


Now for the rest of the rules

I am supposed to nominate 11 bloggers and pose 11 questions to them.  Rather than doing that, I would like to hear what each of my readers has to say.  Pick any or all of the questions posed to me and answer it in the comment section, or feel free to write a post of your own and let me know so I can visit and learn more about you.

It’s your turn, tell me about you.



30 thoughts on “Award time, and more about me

  1. Lois, I loved finding out more about you. I too have a lot of Irish heritage. My Irish part of the family came out to Australia during the Potato Famine. My mum has a letter asking the family to return to Ireland when the famine was over but they never did. Apparently they came from Tullamore and I would love to see it one day.

    • I don’t know what part my family came from the regions were never discussed wish I knew more though, how nice that you have that information and a starting point if you ever wanted to visit.

  2. Funny, I snuck in French Champagne in PRIMARY school as the country I commuted from (for boarding school) had it so cheap. I was evidently such a good kid, I never came to any trouble! But it was an awesome story! Congrats on your award. I don’t have many clocks either – my phone, the oven (which is an hour out), my air con remote… and the laptop (which is about 10mins fast). I only wear a watch on long haul flights.

    • Sarah, that sure beats what I pulled at 18 :-) That is an awesome story. I forgot about the cell phone and the clock on my computer, but yes I have those two. I completely get the need for wearing a watch on long haul flights, it’s very disorienting to cross time zones so quickly for our bodies.

    • I love it!! I loved when people dared me, I would do just about anything, (I almost said short of breaking the law, but well after reading my story you know that answer) but I never got paid for doing the things I did.

  3. It’s not weird. I found it funny. It’s like a post on itself

    What Stephen King novel is it? Is it Wind Through The Keyhole? I have that one but haven’t read it yet

    Thank you for the kind words!

  4. Ha, I love the story about your history teacher!

    I’ve done plenty of strange prank-type things. I got the cops at my house my senior year, for writing on the sidewalks at school with chalk before our last day. I’ve also toilet papered more houses than I can count–all while working at the Salvation Army! (I loved working there, but my co-workers there were bad influences on me, perhaps? LOL)

    • He was a great teacher who taught us to keep an open mind and not believe things without investigating. He also taught us that all school textbooks were written with an agenda and not all fact based, it was eye-opening to me.

      The cops were called for writing on the sidewalks with chalk? Or was it more what you wrote? I see you are going to blame it on your co-workers, you are too much :-)

  5. I am also mostly German and part Irish, and I identify more with the Irish part! My boyfriend is from Ireland (literally from, he just got his US citizenship!) and he promises we will go visit someday. :)

    And I love Stephen King – I need to get this book!

    Back to reading… had to take a break to comment.

    • I think most people from this part of the country have plenty of German and Irish in them those two groups really did settle this area. Lucky you, do you enjoy the accent? Please take plenty of pictures and tell me all about it when you visit Ireland!! Not sure how long King’s book will be .99 but I hope you get a chance to check it out. I haven’t started it yet, can’t wait to finish the library book so I can.

  6. Yup, totally with you on the soap thing. And on the jail time…I’ve often thought a short stint in solitary would be a nice break, as long as felt safe and had books to read. And a warm blanket. I used to go solo tent camping…that was wonderfully calming.
    BTW, I nominated you for an award this week, too…even more sharing! So much for life in solitary :)

  7. I am excited to hear about your books in progress. Would you consider posting pix of any of your cross-stitch? That was a great beer story :) And I made the same decision as you on bar soap – not for sharing!

    • Alex, I just checked out your dandelion award, what a nice thing to do. You might find this funny, but the very first time someone nominated me for an award I wasn’t sure what to do, I was so new to blogging I didn’t know if this was some joke or if I participated if I would offend people, like with chain letters. I finally took a chance and followed the rules and luckily no one was offended.

    • Yes, I do. I have been working on it from the recipes I inherited of my grand mother’s when she passed away as a gift for my children, but then realized she would have loved a way to give it to others as feeding people was to her a gift to those she loved. So when it’s done I will be listing it to sell and will have an ebook copy that will be listed for .99 as I just want to share.

  8. Well done on the award, I also hate watches and clocks, oh and also mobile phones of which I have. I have 2 I hate being at every bodies beck and call. One mobile is for work and one for home. I give everyone the work number and switch it off as soon as I leave the office, and only Mrs Sensible and my children have my personal number.

    • Pecora, I would hate having two phones. I don’t mind having one and most people now know I will only answer it when I have time or feel like it. I always feel so bad for my son who’s home phone and work phone are the same phone and being the boss can never shut his phone off.

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