Friday Faves, January 25

So what happens when you live with no plans and a carefree attitude?  You have problems getting things done on a schedule.  Yesterday presented an opportunity for some fun that would take me away from the computer until later in the afternoon of today, Friday.  Well, what to do, have fun or write the Friday post late.  Sorry, fun came first.

I know you have been waiting to see what my favorite posts were this week so I won’t make you wait any longer.


Gardening Tips

  1. If you are like me you are in the middle of winter right now bundled up with extra blankets refusing to turn the heat up (and wishing for a wood stove), but it’s never too early to think about the garden.  This is a two-part post (in my view) which I wanted to share with you.  Part one is how to make a no dig garden, my kind of garden! Part two is on how to improve your soil.  Thanks Linda between these two I should be good to go.
  2. Want an easy garden bed that can be moved?  Slow Living Essentials gives you a step-by-step demonstration how you can build this from pallets.
  3. If you are relatively new to gardening and aren’t sure what all the terms such as hybrid, treated, untreated, GMO….you can learn everything you need from this post from Our Tiny Earth


Shopping and Saving Money

  1. Practicing Frugal has been doing a weekly series on how to save money in 2013, this week the latest idea while it will save you money also touches on the subject of paper or plastic, you choose?
  2. This week I was introduced to a new company who is trying to rid the world of the disposable or shoddy-made product.  Thanks to The Good Human I can now have an option to sustainable products.


DIY, Up-cycling, and Crafts

  1. Daniella at Frugal Ain’t Cheap walks you through a beautiful yet inexpensive wedding gift she created for a friend, I think this could be used for just about any gift-giving occasion.
  2. I don’t know what it is about a mason jar.  Maybe it’s just the memory of all the canned goods I grew up with, but today I could use a mason jar for just about every thing as I think they are beautiful.  Kathryn walks us through a couple different variations of painting a mason jar to use as a soap dispenser.  I’m in love with the aqua one, but that’s just me.
  3. What can you do when you find several chairs for a crazy low price but they need new seats?  Well, don’t look at me I’m still wishing I  knew how to do this so well, and don’t toss them out here’s how you can give them new life.
  4. Do you have a variety of unrelated items that could be recycled?  Well if you have a shoe box, some fabric or paper, old door knobs and toilet paper rolls you can make this great organizer.
  5. If you live in the Denver area, you now have a new place, thanks to Nerdy Sewist for bringing this to my attention to buy local and handmade items.  Why don’t more cities find ways to incorporate more local artisans into their economies?  Of course you don’t have to live in Denver, you can order from the artisans webpage if you see something you love.
  6. How about a good hack. No, not one using Ikea products.  This hack will take any ordinary lamp and make it cordless.
  7. How about a healthy DIY, if you want to avoid the prescription medications while at the same time want to avoid suffering from the current rounds of colds and flu, here is a good-sized list of natural remedies to help you feel better.


Things to make you think

    1. So Easter we have the Easter Bunny, Christmas Santa Claus, I never thought about why there is nothing unique to celebrate for Valentine’s Day?  Well let me introduce you to  the Valentine’s Day Dog.
    2. What is prosperity?  I think each of us would answer this differently, but if you haven’t thought about prosperity, here’s an opportunity to do so.
    3. How much do you know about Clara Barton?   Live and Learn took a tour of the Clara Barton home and shared some facts from this amazing woman’s life.  After reading this I have a new role model I can look to in my own life as physical struggles frustrate me.
    4. Everyone talks about clutter, but has anyone ever asked you if clutter was a sin?   This post asks if clutter is the 8th deadly sin, I found it made me stop and think.
    5. Have you stopped to look around you today and wonder how the world changed so much without you noticing it, Andrea has?  Are you someone who never leaves the home without your cell phone?  Okay I rarely leave home with out my phone, but rarely do I answer it when out either :-)  After reading this you may question how our children/grand children feel about certain things.
    6. Everyone talks about going through their clutter and many people believe that when their home is clutter free and just right their life will be just right as well. But there is so much more to de-cluttering our lives, Bethany got right to the point in this post.
    7. A Smallish Blog is one I found recently, I introduced you to this family last week when I asked if you would consider renting out the home you owned to live in a basement apartment so one parent could stay home with the children.  This week, the subject centered on choices and entitlement, I’ll let you make decide what you think.
    8. Why can’t we just get along?  Wasn’t there a song by that title?  Kathy tackles the actual why’s behind why we can’t get along.
    9. It all starts with one step, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, it’s that first step that will make all the difference.  Fairy shares her feelings when she sees the outcome of that first step.


Environmental Concerns

This week I’ve kept the Environmental concerns short, really it’s because so much of what I encountered was so darn depressing I didn’t want to scare everyone off.

    1. Have you ever checked to see what your Carbon Footprint is?  I did shortly before I moved into my current home,  I always assumed those who moved into Tiny Homes were living so lightly that their carbon footprint wouldn’t be an issue.  But Laura from Tiny House Ontario found that she still isn’t where she feels she should be. Read more here.
    2. Of course living in a smaller home does save on heating costs.  Debra lives in a home that is only 20 sq ft larger than what I have, so basically we live in the same size home.  Check out how she heats her home. I’ve seen wood stoves, and want one, but never knew they came in this size.
    3. Sometimes a picture is all we need to change our ways.  See if this picture tugs at your heart strings.
    4. Once I decided to really consider the environment in all my actions, I began to watch documentaries.  Some days someone will mention a documentary I’ve already seen and I realize from their reaction that I had pushed the emotions aside to deal with them.  So when Tegan mentioned the latest Documentary she watched I knew it was time to watch it again as the subject may hit very close to my home very soon. I’ll let Tegan tell you about it.


As always, I will leave you with some humor

  1. There used to be a program on TV with Art Linkletter (later done with Bill Cosby I believe)  Kids Say the Darndest Things.  Just because the program isn’t on Television any longer, doesn’t mean children don’t still say the darndest things.  Who better to ask than a teacher?
  2. When environmental issues are at stake such it’s hard to laugh, but this should at least make you smile.

Hope you have fun reading, what have I missed this week?

23 thoughts on “Friday Faves, January 25

    • Spring must be for so many people yet once spring arrives I just want to be outdoors. I find for me winter is the best time to de-clutter because I’m stuck indoors more looking at my stuff and wondering how I can make it feel better (even though I’m pretty comfortable with the apartment) With less actual cleaning to do with a small home I start going through and cleaning out rather than sitting around doing nothing productive.


  1. I always enjoy your Friday Faves. The sites you share always lead me down side-paths, like a garden that beckons me to see what is around the next bend. Okay, that was kind of poetic. But I found some stuff, learned some stuff, and got inspired! Thanks!


  2. Oh Lois,
    If only I could have a carefree life and no plans, even for just one day! I envy you!

    Thanks for introducing this corner of the world to the Valentine Dog. My mom would be so very pleased! I’m truly touched that you’re sharing this.


    • Lili, trust me I’ve had my share of over-scheduled and stress-filled years it’s just nice to have some freedom at this point in my life. And yes, I loved the idea of the Valentine Dog, what a great way for your mother to show her love.


  3. I’m going to check out the gardening ones. No dig gardening? I”m in! Also, for many years now I use natural remedies when I get sick, my body does not process over the counter man made stuff very well. Thanks Lois!


    • I learned the hard way that antibiotics were destroying my health once I finally had an immune system that worked I fear every messing it up and only use natural remedies. And the no dig garden perfect! Can you see me trying to dig out rocky ground with no real leverage from a chair? It’s pretty funny, my neighbors do get a laugh when watching me, last year it was trying to break up the ground with a hoe, glad they enjoyed the show.:-) This year, no show for them!


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