Catching up on awards

I have fallen way behind on awards I have been nominated for and decided I better take care of this now before it gets any later.  sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award1

First up is the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers, this award was given to me by Jean at Wholeyjeans.  Thank you, Jean.  If you haven’t met Jean yet you really must check out her blog it’s really inspiring and worth your time.

Okay so the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers requires me to answer 10 question posed to me by Jean.

  1. What is your favorite color?  Blue, always ever since I was a child. It’s the color that soothes me whether on what I’m wearing or in my home.  It’s the color of a calm sky and the clearest of water.
  2. What is your favorite animal?  Horse.  I have always had a kinship with horses, even owned my own when I was a child briefly.  It was gifted to me for therapy to help me continue to walk longer than the doctors thought I would. There is something about the way they move that makes me think of a physical freedom I have never known.
  3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Hot chocolate. It was something my grandmother always had ready when I came in from the cold and I still find it a relaxing drink.
  4. Facebook or Twitter?  Neither, I spend enough time on the computer I don’t need more.  There is something about both those social networking sites that doesn’t work for me.  I do have a facebook account, but it’s only for family. 
  5. Your favorite pattern? Plaids. I don’t wear plaids, unless you count my men’s flannel shirts, there’s nothing cozier.  But I love the look of  kilt, a plaid couch or a plaid blanket.
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?  Definitely giving. I have never been comfortable getting presents. I think it’s something you learn when young and I rarely received presents when young so I don’t know what to say or if I respond appropriately when I do receive a gift.
  7. Your favorite number? I never really had one, but if I were to pick one it would be 7.  My youngest son was born on 7-27-87, his wife, who I adore, was born on the 7th and my grandson was also born on the 7th. So much love came into my life on that day.
  8. Your favorite day of the week?  For now I’d say Sundays.  I get to watch football.   But it’s really not about the day of the week it’s about the weather on that particular day.  If the sun is out it’s a good day.
  9. Your favorite flower? Daisy, no particular reason they are just simple and uncomplicated
  10. What is your passion?  Being creative.  I love to craft and paint.  I love interior decorating, but have trouble physically with most jobs now so I find smaller projects I can get the same satisfaction out of.

Today I received the Versatile Blogger Award from The Crafty Pioneer.  I recently began following this blog when I realized that she and I shared a real love of crafts. Check out her gallery while you are there to see some of her amazing quilts and dolls.   Thank you for the award.


For this award I am supposed to tell 7 things unique about myself.  I’m not sure I can come up with unique things as I have shared so much about myself already but I will give it a try, so please bear with me.

  1. I hate power tools.  I hate the sounds they make and I really do enjoy feeling myself tire and use muscles when working on projects I may not use as well otherwise.
  2. My favorite book is Material World by Peter Menzel.  It is eye-opening to see how little some people in the world have, yet it was those with the least who looked happiest.
  3. I hate to play chess.  I was taught by my grandfather when I was 4 years old.  He thought I was so good at it that he began entering me in competitions. He was trying to find things I could do no matter what my physical condition, he meant well.   What had been fun at home became a chore. When he taught my boys I groaned as I hoped I’d never see another chess board.
  4. I am still learning to be kind to myself and put my needs first.  I think all mothers find a point in their lives when they realize they have put everyone else before themselves.
  5. I am an alcoholic, haven’t had a drink since 1987
  6. I am the first and only person in my family who has a college degree.  Didn’t help me in the job field, but my grandparents, who never finished school themselves were proud of it.
  7. I ran my first business at the age of 19.

Now as with all awards I am supposed to nominate others for the above awards.  I like to showcase either new blogs or the people who follow mine.  I can’t remember for the life of me who I have nominated in the past, so this time I will ask that if you haven’t already to check out some of the blogs in my blogroll on the right of the page.


21 thoughts on “Catching up on awards

    • Thank you, I still have problems with cravings if everyone around me is drinking but each year gets better. Wasn’t that a wonderful book? I first bought it when I was home schooling my boys as part of our curriculum but it quickly became a favorite even among their friends.


  1. congrats! Well deserved. I always enjoy reading more about you. We also have a lot in common, except the chess, never could wrap my head around it. but the other stuff yeah. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. I’ll be here as usual. ;-)


  2. Thank you and thank you for accepting these awards! I have learned more things about you, even yet, and have decided we are indeed sisters. Not the kind that pull each other’s hair and tattle on each other, but the kind who would have the best day taking a walk down a country road together.

    Here are some common themes: Horses; Plaid; Hot Chocolate; Giving; Unpretentious Flowers; Creativity; Chess; Businesswoman at 19


    • We are sisters. I didn’t realize we had that much in common! I’ve already had the sisters who tattled and pulled hair it would be nice to enjoy the sister who was also a friend. What kind of a business did you have at 19?


      • It was a needlework supply store. We gave lessons. I ended up designing cross stitch patterns. I did it with my mom. It was always a dream of hers, but she also wanted to have the freedom of travel and a social life. So I was the slave and she provided the capital. We both enjoyed the needlework. I learned a lot about myself, but probably should have had formal business training first. My parents had had a thriving manufacture business for years, and so I just learned from them.


          • See, I would have loved to take over my dad’s business, or at least had some type of internship there. But I don’t think they saw it as a good place for a girl. I actually tested high for mechanics in high school, but they poo-pooed it.


          • It was a stressful job. The guys in the shop were great about working for me and treated me with complete respect, but I did have trouble with guys coming in asking for a job not believing I was the boss and giving me a hard time. Of course having to sit in on business meetings with the head honchos of the oil industry was a test of my tact. They were so rude to me yet needed the parts from the business.


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