Time for the best of the week because it’s Friday


It’s the wee hours of Thursday night or Friday morning, whichever works for you.  The weather here has changed drastically and I’m watching out my window for the freezing rain (it’s been raining pretty steady for 2 days now) to change into snow.  by the end of today (Friday) we are expecting in the range of 14 inches of the white stuff with not much of a break from it till after Christmas.  So it looks like I will have my white Christmas after all.

Because it’s Friday, it’s time for me to share with you some of my favorite posts of the week.

On Simplicity

  1. While a shorty, this post posed a question I hadn’t thought about before.  Is Simplicity only available to a specific group of people?  What do you think.
  2. What is simpler than curling up with a good Christmas book, I can still remember hours spent curled up in blankets on cold winter days reading aloud to my children.  Even when they could easily read themselves they still enjoyed a family read-a-thon.  Jackie gives us a list of her favorite Christmas books here.


On Gift Giving and a Homemade Christmas

  1. The question posed here reminded me of the age old question “which comes first the chicken or the egg?”.  In this case the question about gifts is whether or not it’s the thought that counts?
  2. But wait,  Sandra tackles the question of whether it’s the thought that counts from a different angle, love to hear your opinion on these two posts.
  3. I love a craft that can be washed away and the items used for something else when the holidays are over.   Do you like frosted glass candle holders? Here’s a recipe that will wash off when you are done with the look.
  4. Still need a small gift for a child.  You may have all you need to make these cute fabric scrap dolls before Tuesday.
  5. Know someone who would love a homemade body scrub?  Heidi shared her Spiced Chai Sugar Body Scrub earlier this month, it may be just the thing for that last minute gift.
  6. More DIY Christmas ornaments.  I have moved beyond the decorating to the actual last minute straightening up and preparing for guest, but if you are still in decorating/crafting mode these ornaments might be just what you needed.


 Remembering to Be Thankful This Christmas

We’ve all heard the news this past week, a shooting at an elementary school in which young children and the adults who were trying to protect them lost their lives too soon, and in a horrific way.   Locally, we have been hearing of suicides, and other crimes this month.  But we can lose sight of the stories that get lost after they lose front page status.

  1. Liz brought back the reality for me of those who are still living through the horrors of life after Hurricane Sandy. Many are today still without power, heat, or even a home still standing. Read more here and how Liz is trying to make life a little better for the survivors.
An artist friend makes these hot plates for gifts

An artist friend makes these hot plates for gifts

This weeks humor

Now that I have depressed you with the news that not everyone has a home to safely celebrate in, I feel the  need to lift your spirits back up to enjoy the Holiday weekend.

  1. I toyed with listing this under the gift section, but it was so tongue-in-cheek and did make me laugh that I decided others might just share my strange sense of humor.   No further introduction, the title of this post is called The Crankypants Guide to a Green Holiday.  Enjoy.
  2. When men take on the household chores, they often find unique ways of doing so, ways we may not have thought of ourselves.  You gotta love a man who irons, but especially without pants!
  3. Don’t believe me check out the photo!

  4. I have shared my love of Ikea with you on several occasions, when you live in small homes you can get plenty of ideas from just walking through an Ikea store.   Since a trip to Ikea always means a day with my daughter-in-law who is the funniest person ever to shop with, I found myself laughing all the way through David’s post and nodding my head.  Whether you have ever been to an Ikea or not you will enjoy this look at what happens when one enters the huge store.

20 thoughts on “Time for the best of the week because it’s Friday

  1. Hi Lois,
    Thank you so much for mentioning our fabric scrap dolls. I, too, am working through my counter clutter to see the actual counter below children’s creative crafts and materials we’ve collected for the week. Your links are an inspiration and we’re thrilled to be in such wonderful company!
    Merry Christmas and have a happy new year,
    Liesl at Trash Backwards.


    • Liesl, you are welcome, I loved the fabric scrap dolls as they remind me of things past generations would have cherished when families didn’t have the money to shop for things. My wish is for others to find a love of the handmade and simpler gifts over the expensive electronics and such that don’t spark imagination when being played with.

      When my boys were young we had a couple toy stores that I loved. One was called Children’s Palace and carried very little in the way of battery operated or electronics, it closed down when Toys R Us moved in to town with all the electronics. I hated Toys R Us as I couldn’t ever find things that fit with our needs.

      The other store was an independently run science store. Everything in there needed to be built or was an experiment type item. We loved that store, but that too closed down when people stopped wanting things like that. I would so love to shop there again for gifts for the grand kids.

      Also I want to thank you for your app, I have been sending people over to your site to try it out, what a great idea to help people to find new uses for their trash!


    • So far the reports seem to have been mostly exaggerated, then again today isn’t over yet. We have maybe 4 inches at this point, it’s too warm for things to freeze so it’s just slushy. No I don’t have to go any where until Tuesday when I head out for Christmas Dinner at my son’s a whole 2 miles away.


  2. I love your Friday posts (especially when I have been included) as they give us all a chance to meet each other. I too am in the cleaning mode, and I keep putting off wrapping the presents–the gifts are “hidden” in my room in plain sight still in their bags–and I am still looking for the dining room table which I think is under stacks and stacks of papers
    Thanks for this


    • So happy you enjoy being included :-) This mad rush to get everything ready drives me nuts. This year is worse than most because I am doing an extra good job cleaning after having to refinish furniture indoors. I’m currently trying to find my counter top, but at least it’s really, really small shouldn’t take too much time. I have most of the presents wrapped, as I only had to put them in the bags I made last year, but I have three gifts that need a new wrapping, I don’t think I’ll get around to making bags so I’ll just use the fabric and do some quick wrapping for this year.


          • You know one of the things I enjoyed when my boys moved out on their own, leaving me with an empty nest was the fact that my house was always clean. I didn’t wake up to cups and dishes in the kitchen from late night raids, or any of the other messes that come with living with others. Now, you should see how quickly a 4 year old can mess up my apartment. I’m bah humbugging because I just learned that my ex will be arriving Sunday, our son won’t be here until Monday night. We are friendly, but I hate him in my space. We are too different and quickly run out of things to talk about, then there’s his mess that follows him…I know me, I will be running around trying to make sense of his messes by Monday afternoon to try and have the house look the way it should.


          • I am on the verge of giving up because when I have the house clean and neat I get very grumpy when people mess it up–so I know where you are coming from–good luck and hope things work out–you and I are going to have to keep our sanity somehow


          • That is so true, but I was just given a little laugh to help. If you read my favorites today, I had to add a little something. The nude ironing? Well now there’s a photo to prove it. I updated today’s post so everyone could see for themselves. Maybe if I had a view like that I might not mind the housework :-)


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