It’s Friday, time to share the best of the week

Well true to my word, the Santas have already been moved.  Today Santa had to sit next to the little one while she had her first chance to practice with scissors.  Yep, I found a use for the Red Plum fliers before recycling them today.


Before going home, Santa was moved to stand guard and watch for her return tomorrow afternoon.


While I mentioned that my decorations are up, I had joined Happy Simple Living‘s challenge to be all done by December 1, I came close, I finished all the planning, decorating, and shopping on Dec 3rd.

It seems that I probably do the least amount of decorating for Christmas after seeing all the work that has gone into other homes showcased online.  You are all so talented and your homes beautifully done up all year, but you  have really outdone yourselves for Christmas.

It is way too hard to pick a favorite from the many decorating/craft ideas out there, which are mainly about the holidays, so I thought I would give you something else to read this week.

Some food for thought

  • Kathy at Smart living 365 has a wonderful article on how to outsmart the retailers here.
  • Eco Crap shared a news story on a new use for human waste, better known as poo. I don’t know about you, but my first reaction was to shudder.
  • Something I think about quite a bit is the disappearance of the repairman.  I still remember the adult men being a jack-of-all-trades. They built their own homes with help from family members when they got married and repaired everything rather than toss it out.  Transition voice shares why the repairmen are disappearing.
  • When you look at the amount of trash that is picked up each week do you ever stop to think that some countries have too little trash?
  • Parenting is in my opinion the biggest responsibility we ever take on in  our lives.  What do you want your children to learn from you? Here’s one mothers hope for her children.
  • Want another reason to buy organic, or grow more of your own food?  Check out what pediatricians have to say about organics and children
  • While most of us in the northern hemisphere have moved indoors and our gardens are sleeping right now, it’s never too late to start growing something indoors.  One of my favorite places to window shop for small space ideas is at Ikea.  Here is a simple vertical garden using inexpensive supplies from Ikea that look really nice too.
  • Do you need a new winter coat that will last for years and want to buy one made in USA? See who has a line of clothing made in the USA again.

I have to thank you all for making sure I get my laughs each week.

I have two posts to share with you this week that made me laugh out loud.  I wonder what my neighbors must think when they know I am alone but laughing my butt off.

  • Have you ever tried to write a story from a simple picture?  I won’t even try it.  You won’t want to miss this one if you enjoy a story both with a twist and a laugh at the end.
  • Finally, Heidi you did it again.  Maybe I’m turning into a scrooge, but I feel overwhelmed by the holidays some days when I check my inbox.  So when I saw the title Christmas Memories, I almost skipped over it until I had more time tomorrow, but then I thought “It’s Heidi, it won’t be the typical holiday post”.  I clicked over and the first thing I saw was the photo of the day which without warning I burst out in laughter.  Of course there was much more to enjoy as I read on.  Hope you enjoy it.

Freebie that added a bit of magic

Here is the wallpaper I downloaded free from this site.  My grand children saw it today, their reaction was priceless.  With wide eyes, they turned to look at each other in that sibling way, then nodded and exclaimed that “Grandma, Santa gave you a present!”



  1. What an absolutely brilliant idea! I must do this, say on Monday or something – after you, and link back to you – and thank you for the link and kind words…definitely my greatest honour since starting on WordPress.

  2. Glad you liked the photo – it’s one of my favourites, too. Loved the post about the disappearing repairmen. We still use a repair guy for the few things that my husband can’t fix himself – he business is called, quite simply, “The Repair Guy”. Fortunately, he is local, and locally, people seem interested in repairing and maintaining their appliances.

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