Sharing the love Friday

Little did I realize that this month ends on a Friday, so this is my second post for the day.  It’s time to share my favorites of the week with you.   I have a few new followers, welcome and no I don’t normally overload your inbox with more than one post a day. :-)

There are so many wonderful writers out here in blog land that inspire me, it makes it hard to wait until Friday to share them with you.

I’ll get right to this weeks favorite posts.

Never too early to plan next years garden

  • I began following a new blog, well new for me at least this week.  This particular post jumped out at me.  I just have to do this come spring.  Hey, if I don’t get inspiration during the colder months I won’t have plans set when the weather warms.  How to build an herb spiral.  This looks natural and gorgeous at the same time.
  • New to composting, you will want to check this out.  It’s a complete how to guide to feeding compost worms.
  • A garden to dream about, plenty of upcycling with found objects on this beautiful piece of land. Look for how Christine uses her old ladders.

Holiday posts

  • I love easy to do decorating ideas for the season.  Check out these gorgeous candles.
  • Want a natural advent calender to countdown to Christmas.  Here’s one you may want to use yourself.
  • Time to rethink gift giving. Just some food for thought.
  • Have you ever made a mini pillow ornament. I have, but haven’t dragged mine out to show you…yet.  So here’s some inspiration for  quick and easy ornaments
  • What to do with an old door?  Would you think to put it in your foyer to set the mood as your guest enter your home?  Take a look, it works wonderfully
  • Ten free and almost free Christmas gift ideas.  This may just spark a few ideas, I know it did me.
  • More decorating ideas, this time candle holders from empty jars.
  • Have some old jeans lying around?  Did you consider upcycling them into gifts?  Here are some ideas you can try yourself.

Some things to make you think

  • Reflections on a life yet lived.  Do you think you have your life all planned out?
  • Haven’t quite gotten the diy dryer sheets perfected?  Try this. It’s easy and inexpensive.  I use a coin operated washer and dryer where I live.  Watching to put vinegar in the rinse cycle never works out. I just don’t have the patience.  In addition, adding half a cup of vinegar to each load will add up in cost.  This is a better solution
  • This post titled On My Mind is one I think everyone should read.  Have you ever thought about what real poverty is?  What about the choices you can make to help others?
  • Here is an app you can use to both to find out if a product can be recycled or how to reuse the product.  It’s user-friendly.   Simply type in the product you have, and click how to recycle or how to reuse. Or browse the many topics listed.

And finally, where would my favorites be without a little humor. This week I have two for you.

  • Can saving water be funny?  What about those private bathroom duties?  Some people are more creative than I am, so here’s a poem and I  hope you get a chuckle out of this like I did.
  • I can almost always count on Heidi to give me a laugh. Her sense of humor is something I adore about her blog and the comments she leaves.  Heidi has an unusual twist on the unwanted gift  (or the ugly gift as she puts it) for us all.

Gratitude. My theme of the month

Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity, it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.  ~~William Faulkner

Thank you to all who keep me inspired to keep blogging.

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