New life for old table

I want to show you the latest transformation of another dumpster save.  Do you remember the end table I finished a few weeks ago?  You can see it here.  I did that table over for a little girl who wanted her table in blue.  This table is the matching piece that is being picked up today by a neighbor.  Her wish was for a wood finish, but gave me the freedom to choose what that finish would look like.

So are some before pictures.

As you can see this has a wood veneer that is in poor condition.  There are deep gouges that penetrate beneath the veneer and the marble top is broken.

I began sanding to remove the veneer from the entire table.

As you can see it is a lovely solid wood.  In the next picture you can see the difference.  The top of the picture is the sanded wood with a clear coat of polycrylic, the light center portion is the wood without the sealer and the lower portion shows you the difference with the veneer still on.

You may ask why I stopped and sealed part of the top without finishing all the sanding.  That has one answer, while I work on a piece it is often included in my overall layout of the apartment and with little ones stopping by to visit I seal what I finish, when possible, to avoid any damage if say a cup of water would get spilled.

Next I had to tackle what to do about the top marble insert.  While broken it did still fit and stay in place in the opening.  I wasn’t sure what my neighbor would like she has never developed a decorating sense, this is not an insult in any way, it’s just a fact.  She complains that her home doesn’t feel as comfortable as mine, so I decided to do something that I would like.  I covered the marble.

First I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the opening in the table top.

Next I pulled out my bag of fabrics.  I had picked this piece of fabric up at a local florist shop for $1.  I only used a small amount of the fabric, I made sure to leave plenty of extra room to allow for possible fraying should it need to be laundered at some point.

I secured the fabric with clear packing tape as you can see on the corners in the above picture.  I wrapped the fabric the same way I would a present, making sure the fabric was taut as I did.  Here is how it looked when I was done.

And the finished table.

Two tables, two looks

And here are the two tables finished to see the differences you can get with a little color.

Here are a 2 more refinished end tables for you to check out:

Which is your favorite table?

We only live once, we all have an expiration date after that we will not come again. I am not saying that to make you sad. I am saying that so you can cherish each moment in your life and be grateful that you are here and you are special.  ~~ Pablo


8 thoughts on “New life for old table

    • Thank you, I have fun playing with things to see what knew ideas I can come up with. I really didn’t know what I was going to do when I brought it inside because I already knew who it was going to. I sure hope she likes it, she really doesn’t know what she likes so I took her a little out of her comfort zone with this one.

    • I can’t wait to see what you do this winter. I have a small project that should be finished tonight and can post it soon then it’s on to a desk. I am determined to get as much done before Christmas and on to new homes as possible.

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