Quick update

I want to thank everyone who kept my family and me in their thoughts and prayers.  We were very fortunate to have missed the major damage that came within 100 miles of us.

We finally started to see some improvement in the weather yesterday, it has rained for 7 straight days here, yep even before the storm went through, so things are pretty soggy right now, but nothing here is flooded and our power stayed on throughout the storm.

Yesterday we began stepping outside when we had breaks in the rain, just to see the outdoors.  My grandson stayed overnight with me last night and this morning we ventured outside to take a walk.  It’s 40 degrees outside, not my favorite temperature, but it was a beautiful crisp autumn day if soggy.

Donning his gardening gloves it was time (in his mind) to dry off the car after the rain.

Our trees withstood the winds, losing only some branches.  We are so fortunate.  The damage expected to knock out power at the state prisons along the path did not happen, so my son stayed safe with his family, of which I am thankful as a prison with no power is a dangerous place to be.

I know many of you who visit my blog were in the path of the storm, please leave me a comment and let me know how you fared, I’ve been thinking of you through this.

12 thoughts on “Quick update

    • How funny that you should mention that. My heat went out as well. The valve that allows the hot water into my apartment from the boiler broke. Went last night with out heat, got it back around 1 this afternoon. Luckily it never went below 67 in here. But like you I hate being cold. Friend call me a houseplant because I really like warm to hot weather and do much better in it.

    • I had thought you were on the eastern side of Canada. Glad you are well. We were prepared as well, I think that lessens the anxiety. I knew I could relax and not worry too much because there was nothing more I could do. Of course, you have so much food in your freezer I’d hate to see all your hard work lost.

        • Good idea to have the generator, I am not allowed to have any back up heating sources in the apartment. Luckily, the apartment is very well insulated and I only have one wall open to the outside, there is a second floor which means no heat loss through the roof for me either.

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