I thought Saturday would never end

If you saw my post yesterday you know that I saved every item my much loved neighbor couldn’t take with him to his new home.  But my day wasn’t quite over.

It was such a beautiful day I decided not to wait til Monday to return some library books and headed out.  On the way home I noticed a pile of things next to the curb with the family’s garbage can.

As I was wondering what they were doing putting these items out the man-of-the-house came out and mentioned that these items were garbage and not worth much but I was free to take any thing I wanted. Watch what you say to me. I took it all!!

There was a large picture frame, which had a home shortly after I arrived and was taking it inside.  Gone!

There was a large suitcase in good condition.  It was real leather too. Now I’m not one who likes leather, but I know people who do.  That was gone after one phone call. Yes!!

Sorry no pictures of those.

Then there were two small tables perfect for sitting on the bed for breakfast in bed or on the floor for a little one to set their meal on.  Mine for the grand kids to use here!!

These tables are a laminated MDF so if you know me, at some point I will do something cute to them to make them more attractive to the children, but for now I have many larger projects to tackle.

Then there were REAL wood chairs.

This chair needs a good sanding and one side of the back needs a little help from my handy gorilla glue. Then there is a little balancing act needing attention to the insert on the back, that will be a simple fix.

I know exactly where this chair is going.  My daughter-in-law (who lives out of town) has been wanting nicer chairs for in her dining room.  She has decorated the room in white and blue so I will paint the chair white and I have some upholstery fabric here that is a blue and white.  Zero cost as I was given plenty of paint from my eldest son. It was left behind by the previous owners of  his new home. And one can is white!

There were two other chairs both solid wood and I will sand them down to give to my daughter-in-law for use in the dining room until she finds something she is really in love with.  Again I will paint them white and then I will use some of the mattress pad I found yesterday and more of the blue and white fabric to make cushions for them.  Again no cost to me.

These are matching chairs, one is a little wobbly, but I can fix that.

This will be a big improvement over the folding metal chairs they have been using waiting to find dream chairs and at a price they are willing to make.

Seriously, why do people keep tossing out perfectly good furniture?  Some days I want to give them the addresses and directions to the thrift stores and tell them there is a better alternative than their belongings ending up in a landfill.

Does it bother you too when you see perfectly good items destined for the garbage truck?  Pretty soon I will need to rent another apartment just for my projects :-)  Good thing there are plenty of people willing to take these items off my hands in a quick manner.


8 thoughts on “I thought Saturday would never end

  1. I love those chairs. And actually, I like the look of mismatched chair designs, but painted all one color and one upholstery fabric.

    It’s what I’ve been hoping to find for our kitchen table (it came with 4 chairs, there are 5 of us, so we’ve always just made do, adding a chair from another room, and for a while had a large cedar chest — it sat high, so my two daughters used it for seating when they were small).

    Some day I’ll get around to finding a table and chairs more to my liking.


    • I have a friend who bought all mismatched chairs for her dining room. It looks really nice, and everyone who stops has a favorite chair they prefer to sit in.

      I wish you lived nearby, I’d be happy to fix up a couple for you. Mid December we could easily find more as that’s when the college gets out for the end of the semester. I’ve used a ceder chest in the past, I actually liked it.

      Good luck hope you find what you are looking for soon, it would be nice if you could find it before the holidays.


  2. what beautiful shapes! those are going to turn out really nice! i don’t know why people throw out old but good furniture and buy new cheaper stuff that’s not as good quality.


  3. If you are willing to do a little work there are great finds out there. I think my father-in-law is the champion of trash picking. He sees a use for everything. Currently he is making a meat smoker from an old hot water tank.

    Now, I have a question and a comment. Where do have room for all of this stuff in a 300 square foot apartment? I don’t know about around there, but around here the thrift stores wouldn’t take furniture with fabric on it because of health regulations.


    • Your father-in-law sounds just like my grandfather. The only thing he couldn’t do was work on a car, but then he never owned one until 1960 and I think he felt intimidated. I would love to see the smoker when he finishes it as I don’t think anyone I know would have ever thought of that one.

      We don’t have any restrictions like that on reselling furniture with fabric, the Salvation Army and a few other places sell furniture. My favorite thrift store doesn’t take furniture because of lack of space.

      And the question of my apartment is a good one. I try not to take more than one big item into my house at any time. Right now the chairs are stacked next to my love seat and allows me access to my kitchen. When I was working on the chair for my son I incorporated it into the flow of the room and used it as extra seating at the same time, then worked on it mostly at night when no one would be stopping by. A neighbor who gave me the end table is holding the second till I have room and time to work on it. The only big piece that is coming inside from yesterday is the entertainment center and I will use that as a divider wall between what we call the living room and the kitchen while I work on it.

      I think you can see why I need to get the big pieces done before the holidays as they limit the free, open floor space and make the place feel cramped.


    • If only I had the space I would do the same thing. For now I have to get rid of the items as quickly as they come in as I don’t have much room to work, I wish I had someone like your neighbor so I could take all these things to him and not have them lying around. I don’t mind one or two things, but yesterdays finds are really cluttering up my apartment. Guess I will need to find someone with space I could rent for very little, maybe free, to work on things then I could do more.


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