Well I’m at it again

I love staying busy, but this seems to be a record year for busy projects.  Since my neighbors know I rescue unwanted items from ending up in the landfill I have been given several items tonight. Here’s the first.

Tired chair

My neighbor began texting me (did I ever mention I despise texting? but that’s another post) first it was about the chair, did I know anyone who would want it, then it was an antique wooden toy box, next it was about two boxes of books.  I gave up and to avoid getting another text told her to bring them down and I would take care of them.  She has come to the conclusion she has too much stuff and it’s time to make her home more serene, I think the decuttering bug is contagious.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

It didn’t take long, my DIL has been selling items on Amazon to make extra money and said she would stop by shortly to pick them up.   Of course we both went through them first to see if there was anything we wanted to read before selling.

When she arrived she spotted the chair and thought it would be wonderful in the family/toy room of the house they are moving into the end of this month.  My son took  a look and decided it would be perfect if it was refinished and done in black to match the couch that will be in the same room.

I will sand it down and paint it, wash the cushion covers and get new cushions as these are broken down.  Thankfully both my son and his wife have the same views I do and prefer to use what already exists than buy new items.

There are better uses for this land.  Photo  courtesy pixabay.com

I mentioned the toy box, which fortunately isn’t in my apartment yet, and that too will be destined for the new home with the chair after deciding it would be wonderful in the same room to store either toys or to use as an end table.

So, two large boxes of books, a chair and toy box have all found new homes — after I make a few improvements to them to make them fit the decor of their new home.

Did I mention another neighbor fished a planter out of the recycling bin and gave it to me?  I’m going to tackle that first thing tomorrow using the left over paint from the rock in the “Little Cove”.

We each can do our part

The neighbor who fished out the planter also saved a vacuum that only  needed a belt, and gifted it to another neighbor who was in need of a new one.   And so the cycle continues…..

Whatever you do, it should put a smile on your face.

How will you be spending your weekend?

6 thoughts on “Well I’m at it again

  1. We too own furniture we’ve refinished and recovered. The older pieces are much better quality than stuff you can buy now, and with a little updating, will often last until the next generation updates them again.

    The picture at the end is beautiful.


    • Just like cars, things furniture included, just isn’t made the way it used to be. I love working on the older pieces of furniture, I enjoy seeing how they assembled the pieces joining them together instead of using nails and screws, there was much more time invested in creating something.


    • Thank you I will. I couldn’t believe how excited my son, his wife and their children were to learn this would be free for them. They each took a turn sitting in it, then it became a daddy/daughter spot for a while where she curled up on his lap and didn’t want to move.My son is 6’3″ and loves the depth of the seat, many pieces of furniture aren’t deep enough for him to be comfortable.


  2. I love that you dispise texting. I have just given up my phone (except big emergencies but for every day use its thrown in a corner and turned off). Texting was one of the things that bugged the life out of me.
    It is a communication killer. Instead of writing all this waffle a text reduces thoughts to ‘i hate text too’ and that is if you don’t use text speak (which I never did).


    • I keep telling people I am from the wrong generation and texting is something that is just wrong. Instead of a person sending message after message it would be faster to call the person and discuss everything with speech. It is a time waster as well, which is probably what annoys me the most. I do still use my cell, I don’t have a landline though. Being disabled if I was out and got in trouble, stuck in the snow or something, I need to call for help.


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