In over my head

Today I read a post from Novice Journal where the question asked was:

Have you ever had to face doing something you were a complete novice at?

I couldn’t resist answering this question.

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Simple living means less opportunities

You are joking right?

I recently learned something about simpler living, it will limit our opportunities in life.  How did I learn this?  By trying to make some extra money.

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Unexpected visitors, and uses for paint chips

A note before I begin, this should have been posted yesterday, but due to whatever I could not transfer my photos to the computer so this just had to wait. Hope you enjoy it.

Today is one of those days that would make everyone happy, at least part of the time. We’ve had a bit of sunshine and plenty of rain.  Whether inside or out today has been my day for welcome visitors and time for a little creativity.

You can’t see the colors very well, but this dragonfly had the most interesting turquoise colors on him.

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A Beautiful Blogger Award

Much to my surprise when reading today post from Novice Journal I learned that I had been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award.   I accept, thank you very much.  I will try to follow the rules set out, but would like to add my own little twist.

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No stove, but I have a rice cooker

When I decided to move into a studio apartment that didn’t have and would never have a stove I thought it would be great.  After 21 years of preparing meals for my family I would have an excuse why I no longer cared to cook for just myself.

I didn’t take long to realize I was going to have some adjustments to make.  Days after moving in the temperatures fell and we had rain for close to a week.  I craved a bowl of soup, but couldn’t make a big pot in the slow cooker because I hadn’t bought a fridge yet either.  Enter the rice cooker.

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It’s official now

As you might have figured out by now, I like to anticipate what is coming next.  As we are preparing to put our gardens to bed, trying to get every last morsel from them, (we picked what appears to be the last strawberry last night), my mind is looking towards winter and what we may be in store for.

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Choices, and the consequences that follow

I rarely go into the nearby city where I was born and raised.  I haven’t lived there since 1988, and even though I only moved approximately 15 miles from there, it feels like another world.

No signs of life to be seen

For the past 20 or so years if I needed something in the city, it was only on the very outskirts, not in the middle of the town.  But today I had to go into the city and realized the city I left has become a shadow of it’s former self.

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Blow ‘n Go

Okay, maybe it’s because I’m not vain.  Or maybe it’s because I like to do things for myself.  Maybe it’s even because I hate to see money wasted. Or…or…or

But something about this trend, which I learn isn’t new to areas of the country,  has me questioning why this is big now in a time of uncertainty and high unemployment.  What am I talking about?  A new trendy business where you go to get your hair styled only.  No cutting, no coloring…. just a wash and dry.

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What to do when you are too early, not a problem here

Today was the farmer’s market, lately I have enjoyed planning my meals around what foods I find at the market and have saved quite a bit of money in doing so.  This was only the second time this year I have attended by myself.  I hate to shop, but find I look forward to the market, even by myself.  I have made wonderful friends and know many of the vendors by name as they know mine.

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Can nature still predict what kind of winter we will have?

For years I have referred to the farmers almanac, and nature around me to know what the weather will bring.  I’m wondering if with the crazy weather I can still do that?

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