How can a business adapt to changing needs?

My son just called to tell me he saw the most amazing sight. Standing on a street corner in our little town was a young 20 something man holding a sign.  Okay you have probably all seen this a time or two, but what was surprising was that this sign read. “I have a job thank you”.

Is this the state of the country when a young person has to feel lucky to have found a job?  I have been seeing people offering to work for food lately around town and feel their pain.  This is a town where we had never seen this before, but it’s becoming a common occurrence.

My DIL wanted to supplement the family income, which has taken a hit due to cut backs where my son works.  She and another woman offered to split a full-time position as they each only need part-time work.  They were refused by the locally-owned business needing help.

If more individuals could make ends meet with a part-time position why not let them split the position and give work to two families?

Is there any one else who is having this problem?  As  a result of simplifying your life you may not need or want a full-time position and prefer to be home with family, like my DIL, as much as possible.   I for one wouldn’t need a full time position.  How have you found ways to make ends meet if your family has seen income fall?


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    • That’s really sad. There was a time when people were unhappy because all that they could find was part-time, now it’s getting harder to find a job for a few hours to meet our needs

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