Dog Days of Summer thorugh a child’s eyes

Ah to do somersaults all day

Do you sometimes wish you could live like a child with no worries in the world?  I don’t wish to relive my younger years, but I do enjoy when I can take an entire day and play like a child. Today was as close as I probably can get to living without a care. Continue reading

No Internet? Come back later I was sleeping

I was woken bright and early on a morning I had planned to sleep in a little.  Who woke me up?  My internet provider.  They were attempting to fix a problem with my service as their office showed my connection wasn’t working.  This would have been funny if it didn’t happen every few months.  I can hear many of you gasp at the thought of being without your internet connection. I didn’t, no reason to.

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More than a peacock princess

My grand-daughter loves a Disney movie with Jasmine.  While many of you may not like the princess stories this one is unique.  Jasmine feels her life is busy but boring.  She longs to do something important, not simply be present for ribbon cuttings and sitting for portraits.  She has an outburst where she says: I’m more than a peacock princess.

Jasmine wants to feel she is contributing something in life.  In the end she learns that she can do anything she puts her mind to.  It got me to thinking about how crazy the stereotypes still are today for girls and boys.

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Crazy, Crazy Weekend

weekend comes to a close

This weekend was exhausting, but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Two days of a yard sale, soccer games, and wandering around town – just because we could. We also ran into an interesting encounter.  Let me fill you in.

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Hazards of living car free

I have been experimenting with living car free since April and am having the time of my life.  When my children were younger we lived outside of town, my youngest took on a paper route and as a result I became known as simple his mom, no one seemed to know who I was without putting me in context with him.

taking time to appreciate the view from the front of my apartment building

Today, all that has changed, not only do people know who I am, I am getting to know them.  So in addition to the money I am saving, the knowledge that I am consuming less, I have added plenty of new people to my life.

Great so what could be a hazard to living without a car?  No, I haven’t been injured, but I could have been.

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Life is a song to be enjoyed

Why did I downsize to a small studio apartment at this point in my life?  It’s because I enjoy living my life.  My home is my shelter, and as such I found a home which fulfills that need and nothing more.

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. Ronald Reagan

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Learning from my wild neighbors

I have come to the conclusion that there is plenty we can learn from the wildlife we have around us to live a better life.   Avoiding a car I have had an opportunity to stop and appreciate how they live versus how we live.

This may be June, and the first day of summer, but the 88 degree day would have us believing it’s the middle of August.  While many people are sitting inside with their air conditioners, this little  guy found a spot under a grouping of trees to simply relax, I thought it was called the “dog days of summer”.

Be stressed about the heat? Not me

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Time to see how far I’ve come

It’s one thing for me to say I want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s still another to say I’ve made changes.  Once in a while I actually need to see the results to know I’m on the right path.

I don’t want to just dream about living a better life, I want to live it.

When I made my move a year ago, I had several priorities I wanted to focus on….time to see how I’ve done.

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High cost of cookbooks

I used to have a large collection of cookbooks, not that I saw it as excessive, but it was still a good-sized collection.  When I began to clear out all my clutter I held off going through my cookbooks. I mean we’re talking about food here.  Today I have two cookbooks left.  I had  never sat down and thought about the costs associated with my cookbooks in dollar amounts.

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