Greener lawns 8 Can’t miss tips to make more of your yard

Today was beautiful and I spent just about all of it outdoors.  I spent a couple hours weeding the field and began to think about what I will do with the area when I’ve tamed it.

My plans will include low maintenance and plan to incorporate some xeriscaped areas to conserve water.

A few people have suggested we put grass seed in and create an actual lawn.  Not going to happen.

Just what we all want to do on our day off. Mow the lawn.  Depending on the size of your property and whether  you have a push mower, power mower, or a large riding mower will determine just how much of your day, or days, it will take to get the job done.  Have you considered not mowing the entire yard?

Ways to save time and still have the yard you want

  1. leave part of it wild.  Do you use all of your lawn?  If you only use portions of it consider letting the areas you don’t use grow wild.
  2. Xeriscape  Xeriscape is preferred in the southwest in place of a lawn.  With Xeriscaping you plant native plants for your area  and eliminate grass altogether.  Some cities are actually paying residents to replace lawns with native plants to conserve water. Las Vegas is on such city.
  3. Replace areas of your lawn with edible plants.  I grew up with a portion of our property dedicated to a garden.  It saved mowing and wee whacking areas the mower couldn’t reach.  We also had flowers planted under trees to avoid damaging the trees roots with the mowers.
  4. Avoid having to weed whack around foundation of home.  We removed the grass around the foundation of our home and added shrubs, and flowers for and easy care alternative.  We had Rhododendrons, bulbs for spring, and lambs ears which filled in nicely.  While these looked great, the lambs ears attracted the hummingbirds.
  5. Consider paths  Designate lawn areas by use and you can separate those sections with paths which are filled with mulch and low maintenance plantings.
  6. Use permeable paving substances  Instead of spending a fortune on paved patio areas, consider rocks, bricks and other types of materials that will allow water to flow through, fill the gaps with small ground cover plantings and set out your patio furniture.  You will no longer have to move your patio furniture to mow the area.
  7. A large yard can include sport areas Do you enjoy sports, consider replacing part of the lawn with sand and make your own inexpensive volleyball court. Your home will be a hit with your children’s friends (which is nice because you will know exactly where your children are)  You can order a load of sand from local businesses who sell topsoil and mulch.    Years ago a neighbor and I had a large sandbox for our children to share, we split the cost of a load of sand.  It cost us each less than $20.  It may cost more today, but it’s a good investment.
  8. Plant for wildlife  Instead of putting up a fence at the back of our property we added shrubs and my favorite butterfly bushes.   We left milkweed grow wild in areas as well to feed butterflies.

Adding just a couple of these ideas can save you time and money this summer working on your lawn and give you more time to actually enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Greener lawns 8 Can’t miss tips to make more of your yard

  1. We have some Lamb’s Ears planted on the side of our house, and I didn’t know that it might attract hummingbirds! Maybe they are over there sometimes and I am missing the show. I did scatter some milkweed seeds into our little Raspberry garden and I think a few are growing. i need to go out and have a look.


    • I kept the lambs ears along the house and loved watching the humming birds, although they did attract bees as well in amazing numbers, but lucky for us the bees seemed so happy they never cared about our coming and goings so never bothered us. We have plenty of milkweed here that grows wild. I don’t get to watch the butterflies on them but we do have a large variety of them flitting about probably as a result. A week ago I planted wildflower seeds, especially mixed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, they are already sprouting. I can’t wait to see if that attracts even more of them.


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