Warts, of any kind, forget the doctor, head to the kitchen

Warts were not something my family had ever had, I had no experience with them until I had my children.  But thanks to my wonderful family doctor I learned an inexpensive, chemical-free way to get rid of them completely and permanently.

It doesn’t matter if you have a common wart or a plantar wart, for less than $1. you will have quick relief.

My children each encountered a problem with warts.  My youngest was born with a wart on his  thumb, I freaked to say the least.  My doctor told me not to worry when he was a little older it could be removed.   My son was a thumb sucker, guess which thumb he sucked?  So I was afraid to do any thing about it until he started school.

While waiting to have the now-spreading warts on my son’s  hand removed my oldest found a plantar wart on his foot.  ( At this time I began to really wonder what I was doing wrong as a mother)  I took him to the family doctor who then sent us to a specialist to have the wart cut out of his foot.  He was unable to walk on his foot for a couple of days.  Watching him hop around was quite entertaining yet  sad.

Finally I took my youngest to the doctor.  I absolutely love her.  She knows I prefer to use natural remedies when ever possible and quickly disappeared down the hallway to ask her father, a fellow doctor,  what their aunt used for warts.

She returned with two possible treatments for me, insisting she didn’t want to chemically treat or freeze his skin. The answer was household bleach or garlic.  My son reacted to the bleach, it burned his skin.  So I turned to the garlic.

Garlic to the rescue

It worked!  I simply sliced a garlic clove into nearly 20 pieces to set on each of the warts on his hand.  Then I secured them in place with tape and sent him off to bed.  I forgot the next night, the following night he spent at a friends.  Finally, remembering to apply the garlic I found that he had less than 5 left, which were considerably smaller.  The last treatment cured him of the problem and he’s never had another wart.

Could it possibly work on plantar warts?

A few years ago I found a plantar wart on the heel of my left foot.  I remembered my son having his cut out and how he wasn’t permitted to walk on his foot.  I couldn’t do that.  I’m disabled and would never be able to get around without full use of both my feet.  I put off going to the doctor and my wart multiplied and spread to cover the entire heel of my foot.

With the warts becoming painful to walk on I knew I had to do something and remembered the garlic. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try much to my surprise  IT WORKED.

Instead of slicing the garlic,  I crushed the cloves and spread it  on to a gauze pad which I then secured with tape to the heel of my foot.  I applied this two nights in a row, then stopped to see what would happen.  At this time the only way to describe what my heel looked like is to saw it reminded me of wrinkled fingers from being in water and appeared almost raw, yet I had very little discomfort. No more than I had been having walking on these warts.

A week later I took a good look to see if it had worked at all and which areas I would try to apply the garlic to again.  They were all gone, every last one of them.  My heel no longer appeared wrinkly or raw and there were no scars or signs there had ever been anything wrong with it.  The garlic worked all the way to the “root” deep underneath the surface of the skin.   It has been three years and I’ve had no further problems.

What do you have to lose?

You can pay your doctor to have your warts frozen, chemically burned, or even cut out.  You can pay for over-the-counter remedies which I have heard rarely work, or you can stop in your produce section at your favorite grocery store and pick up one head of garlic.  Total cost, less than a dollar and no side effects.

Do you have a story of garlic’s healing powers?  I’d love to hear how you use garlic.



I had no idea how many people would read this or how many places on a body a wart could show up.  Some people have commented that crushing a clove of garlic has left burns and blisters on their skin.  Most of the people who have experienced this have placed the garlic on their face, near the eyes or other sensitive areas.  If you aren’t sure how your skin may react try rubbing the garlic on your skin, then leave it exposed while you sleep and see if this will work for you first.


  1. I have warts on my face… some on the right cheek and some on the chin. I have been to the doc and had the freezing treatment done. It helped but the warts keep coming back as I have to shave. That results in cuts even if I am careful and it spreads. I am trying tea tree oil for couple of months now but seems like that treatment is slow. Do you think I should try garlic now? I want to get rid of these so bad. I have stopped looking myself in the mirror now :((

    • BigB, I can only give you my opinion based on what I would do, and I am in no way a doctor, so use your judgement. What I would do is to give my skin a break to allow the tea tree oil to be fully gone from under the surface of my skin, at least a week, then I would use the garlic.

      • BAD NEWS! I am to be blamed as I should have read more before using garlic on face. There are tons of notes where garlic is responsible for second degree burns. May be garlic worked for some but not for me. My skin burnt and it hurts like CRAZYYYYY. I can’t go to work either; as it’s on my face. My advice to whoever has not tried garlic yet is that DON’T USE IT. Consult a dermatologist instead. My dermatologist said she cannot treat the warts yet as the skin has to recover from this trauma first. She has given me antibiotic gel to apply on face with one more cream and she has said that there won’t be any scar but it will take a while. HTH!

  2. Hello, I tried this and like many others who posted comments my skin burned and even blistered. I think what’s not very clear in your recommendation is that the garlic should *only be rubbed on the wart* then covered overnight, NOT left on top of the wart and covered for peolonged periods. Several people mentioned burns. I don’t think this is because of sensitive skin or a sign that the garlic is working. My wart is on my waist and I had the same negative result. Please update your article so that its more clear and less people burn themselves following your advice.

    • Jeanette, thank you for your suggestion. I wrote this to explain the method my family physician recommended to me. I am quite surprised by the number of people who have found this article as I had no idea so many people suffered from warts. I have taken your suggestion and added a warning for future readers.

  3. i have flat warts under my eyes.i crushed garlic and put on the warts through out the night when i removed the tape all the surrounding area was burnt with blisters and its black .iam worried now if my a face will return to its colour.do i need to continue using it? did i leave it for more hours.

  4. In my face, there are 3 skin mole. 1 mole near my eye and 2 in my cheek.They are flat, small and skin color and un-noticealbe.
    Lask week, i saw them very carefully and noticed there are small dots in the moles.So i think they are flat wart. So I tried garlic 3 night (over night with tape) on my small mole. now the size are bigger 3 times and turn black color and very noticeable.Pls. advise me urgently.i do not know how i should do now.

    • Tina, if what you have are moles you should see your doctor. Warts are caused by a virus whereas moles are formed by melatonin which gives us our skin pigment.

      There could be other causes of what you have. For instance I had a spider bite that looked very much like a wart.

  5. Many years ago, I had a wart on my right thumb, one between my left index and middle fingers, and one on my left heel. I was picking at the one on my left hand, and my mother’s friend asked me what I was doing. When I told her it was a wart, she told me to trust her, and that I should go buy garlic pills and take them for a few days. With nothing but years of irritation, I took two garlic pills that night, and the next morning, my warts were tingling…I could tell *something* was happening. About two days later, I was able to pull the warts off of both hands. The roots had died. The one on my heel had significantly shrunk, and a few days later it was gone.

    So, I would say to anyone with warts anywhere, especially areas of sensitive skin: don’t worry about slicing or crushing it into a paste; just try garlic pills.

    • Larry, I never thought to use garlic pills but that’s a great tip thank you for passing it along. There is so much past generations knew and had to use before the rise of the pharmaceutical companies. I have been trying to learn as much as I can and pass it on to the younger members of the family to reclaim the natural healing that works better and is safer.

  6. Hello i am reading all comments and have decided to try the garlic i have warts all over my left side of my face even my hands i have tried soo many things but it didnt work, last night i have put pieces of crushed garlic onto my face then covered with cotton balls then taped for overnight but after 4hours i had to take it off cause it was stinging really bad now this morning my face is bruised up with blisters and marked black around the warts… Am been stuck in my room… Letting it dry off … Now i dont know what to do next…

    • Sarita, the skin on your face is very sensitive so I am not surprised it burned. I would not apply more garlic but believe the changes you see around the warts means enough of the oil has reached the wart and it will heal itself. I wonder which you noticed first, the warts on your left hand or your face. If it was your hand you may have transferred the warts to your face by sleeping with your face on your hand. You may want to watch how you sleep and keep your hand away from your face at night. Please let me know how it goes and if I can help you in any other way.

  7. I have got flat warts on my face near my eyes and on my stomach. First,I tired applying garlic on one of the wart on my face near the eye for a week and half every night.I found the skin around that wart turned red and started to itch.I also got a wound like thing over there.So i stopped using garlic.And after the wound healed,now I am using garlic for few minutes two times a day.I fear the skin surrounding the wart might turn red again..Its such a stubborn wart…I get so angry looking at them..I hope to try using garlic on the other warts on my stomach too..Wish it works

  8. I have a very small single wart in my groin area. It was flat and about the size not more than 2mm. I applied garlic last night and by today it looks swollen up and increased in size. I am a little worried. Any suggestions?

        • Marsh Pall, I would discontinue putting the garlic on your warts for now as you don’t want to be in any discomfort. The garlic oils have reached the wart and will continue to heal from the inside out. Give it 2 to 4 weeks and if there is any of the wart remaining then go ahead and reapply for a day or two then let it work again. You shouldn’t have to reapply the garlic as it sounds as if the wart will be gone very soon.

          Take care and thanks for trying the garlic and letting me know how it is going.

          • Hello Lois Field, I want to thank you very much for your blog and all your advice. My wart completely disappeared. I even waited for three weeks (being the kind of pessimist I’m) to see if it comes back again. Not a scar or anything. Garlic did wonderfully, so much so that I’m eating a raw clove everyday.

            Do you know if garlic works on Molluscs?

            Once again, thank you so much.

          • Marsh, I am so happy to hear your wart has completely disappeared….and you added garlic to your diet! Isn’t it wonderful that garlic will heal warts without leaving any evidence they were ever there? So much better than surgical methods, which also cost a lot more too.

            I don’t know what molluscs are other than an animal (such as squid) so I can’t help you. If you meant moles, I have never tried it, again I’m not much help there either, sorry.

  9. In the start,I have flat warts on my browbone but with the passage of time,they started spreading and now I have flat warts on my browbone,between my eyes,in my upperlips and on my hands for about 2 years. I want to get rid of these warts. I had a laser treatment and it was so painful but there are still some warts on my face. Will this garlic treatment really work?

    • Mrs. Waqas, I have never treated any warts on my face but would definitely give it a try. I would use slices of garlic, rather than minced, to prevent any juices from getting in your eyes. You may need to apply it for a couple of days then wait and see how they shrink. You may notice in the beginning the warts will look ugly from the garlic doing its job but it doesn’t stay like that.

      Good luck to you, the garlic won’t hurt like the laser treatment, a feeling of mild burning at times, but that stops as soon as you remove the garlic. If it burns too much for your comfort go ahead and remove it and try again in a day or two, the burning tells you the juices have reached the wart and are already working, so don’t torture yourself if your skin is sensitive.

  10. I have flat warts on my face and have tried several treatments and none of them have worked so far, I am trying the garlic slices on my face and I am really hoping this works, so far it’s burning, I’ll come back and post if this actually works :)

  11. Thank you so much for this! A few months ago I developed a bump on my eyelid and thought it was a scab from plucking my eyebrows. Within two weeks I had developed more bumps on both eyelids. :( I’ve been searching for ways to get rid of them- they “didn’t go away on their own” like I was told… I am now laying in bed w slices of garlic taped to my eyebrow area. Lol

    It burned A LOT during the first 20 min… I think it might have been because I was picking at them :( but now it’s actually pretty soothing. I hope the garlic works… These flat warts are terrible.

    Thanks again!

  12. our family doctor told us to wait it out when my son had one large wart on his stomach when he was 1 year old… a year later after an inccident where the wart was disturbed and cut accidently, 1 wart became 21, which were something called molluscum… OMG. our doctor told us the best option was Cantharidin, i trusted our doctor and went ahead treatment. OUR DOCTOR ACCIDENTLY SPILLED THIS ACID ON MY SON! to make matters worse he just wiped it off with a dry rag (I later learned it should have been acetone and warm soapy water) hours later we found ourselves in the ER while my 2 year old son has severe chemical burns from the acid. Now its been a few months and the MCV are still popping up so i’m trying this garlic thing out… fingers crossed! I read somewhere garlic is even more effective on MCV than warts. no way i’m using the acid on my little guy again!

    • Melissa, I am so sorry for what your son has had to go through. I hope he is healing quickly. What a horrible thing for one so young to have to go through.

      I have my fingers crossed the garlic will heal his molluscum and he won’t have any further break outs.

      My son’s started as one wart, but because he sucked his thumb they spread over his entire hand and each finger. The garlic worked wonders and now at age 26 he has never had another wart. I hope your son will find the same relief from the garlic.

      Please stop back and let me know how your son fares.

  13. Had a plantar wart about a year ago in between my toes. I’ve never had a wart before so I didn’t really know what to do. I looked up the garlic thing and decided to try it out. Placed a chunk of garlic and taped it and then took a nap for about a week or 2. The garlic shriveled up the wart, at first it made it like your skin becomes after being in the pool for too long. Then it started drying out and one day it was all gone, I didn’t even notice it, no scars nothing. One thing I do have to mention is that I wouldn’t suggest leaving it on all night. Raw garlic is extremely potent and will blister you skin, happened to me. Other then that, this is a great remedy.

    • David, I’m glad this worked for you. It’s definitely cheaper than having a wart burned or cut off by the doctor and should not return. Yes, the in between stage while the garlic is working its magic can look pretty shrived. Sorry your skin blistered, I guess my skin isn’t that sensitive as I didn’t have that problem.

  14. Hi,

    I have multuple warts on my face, lining of my nostrils right now. Have had them on various parts of my face/nose past 2.5 years. Tried Aldara cream, freezing, painful laser treatments but the wart just keeps coming back. Will try garlic.

    So procedure is- Just take some sliced garlic and stick it to the wart using a tape(or duct tape)? for about 2-3 nights?

    Hope it works thanks for your suggestion

    • Jsad, I am so sorry you have had to deal with warts for so long. Yes, I did simply cut garlic and set in place with some tape. For my plantars warts, I wasn’t sure if it would work so i crushed the garlic then secured it in place on the heel of my foot. It worked well. the skin on our faces are pretty sensitive so you may not want to crush it first and may need to test how long you can leave it on your skin per night. Good luck to you, please stop back and let me know how it works.

      • I tried using Garlic. Applied it on the warts twice a day for a week. And then roughly about once a day after. The skin blistered a lot so i had to finally stop using it.

        Result- It did seem to decrease the size initially, but never completely got rid of them. They started to grow back. I am trying some homepathic treatment(under prescription) but the warts still continued to grow.

        Applied Garlic again last night. Applied it for an hour on all the warts(have 6-7 on the lining of my left nostrils ) It burned and turned all of the warts whitish.

        Dunno if i am doing it wrong or if i have to keep applying it for longer periods.

        • You are putting the garlic inside your nose? You may want to try a bit of garlic oil on swab to apply it and then see what happens. The inside of the nose is a different environment than the skin on the outside of our bodies and I have no experience using it internally like that. You may want to also try adding garlic to your diet to help boost your immune system.

          • Thanks. I’ve been putting garlic on the warts 3 nights in a row. It stings! They(Most of them) are not inside the nose per se, but on the very periphery of the nostrils, growing outward. There is one outlier, just below the nose(moustache region).

            Anyway- its certainly looking much better this time. The garlic seems to be doing its job, the warts have almost completely shrunk/dissolved. It has blackened the uderlying skin, but i assume it will peel off soon.There is one though(mosutache region) where i haven’t applied as diligently which hasn’t responded, but will fix thatt.

            Will keep you posted-will probably keep applying garlic for the next 1-2 days.

            Hoping for the best!

  15. I have tried garlic. I have serious warts all over my hands and on my forehead. They we killing me every time I looked at them. I have tired almost every warts remedies I could find in the pharmacy. Then, I tried garlic. I cut the fresh clove of garlic and rub it on the warts. Within a week, I saw most of the warts were gone. Some of the stubborn ones had became smaller. I did not leave the garlic overnight since I have a very sensitive skin. Instead, I applied the garlic for 1 hour before bath. I am a happier person now, free of warts.

  16. I’ve got a wart on my right index finger been doing this for a while I thought it was actually possibly gone since it was flat, almost indented, but then it grew back after couple weeks. Trying again and it’s getting better like before, but how long til you actually know it’s gone or are there any pictures that illustrate this, or how do you know?

    • Ouch, If you put garlic on your wart 3 nights straight and now it hurts to try again, leave it alone and let it work. I had the same problem when applying garlic to my plantar warts and they looked horrible. I worried that it wasn’t going to work, but found that the pain was because the garlic was already doing its job and healing them from the inside out. Give it a couple of weeks, ignore it for now, you did great applying the garlic for 3 nights, now you can let the garlic do its job.

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  18. My fingers are showing the brown roots of the wart. It is flat now and the results are coming wonderfully. I took some before and after pictures too. I will email it to you. Thanks again. Happy July 4th!!

          • Hello to Livingsimplyfree and everyone,
            My wart is about the size of peppercorn seeds in two areas, but it was painful when a light pressure was applied on it. I had this wart for three months. Starting July 3 -July 13 when my wart peeled off. On the first day, I had the garlic slice and I skipped the process every other day. On July 9 and 11, I had my garlic crushed.
            On July 13, it fell off. I did not recall exactly when my husband wart was gone, but it fell off before mine that’s why i started to smashed my garlic.

            For my husband, his warts size was about your thumb nail size. Strangely, it didn’t hurt him when pressure was applied. He said it just looks unsanitary. Yes, his wart is big. His wart was three years old. His result worked better and faster than my situation because I had crushed the garlic and also skipped every other day.

            The reason why we skipped every other day was due to the garlic smell. We used bandages to hold the garlic in position. I want to thank Livingsimplyfree and recommend this method to all others.

          • NeQuian, thank you so much for sharing your story. I felt confident that no matter what size wart you had or for how long that garlic would do the trick. When I realized just how well garlic worked on warts I couldn’t get past the fact that doctors won’t tell you to try this before they charge you a fortune to treat them in the office.

  19. Hi, I am Anoop from India. I have a single wart under one of my toes (I think a plantar wart) and I have been thinking on how to get rid of it without going to a doctor to pluck it or freeze it. I will definitely try garlic therapy on my wart and report my progress and findings.

    But my daughter (7.5 years) has common warts in many places – hands, fingers, forehead, under the eye, under the lips. She is currently taking Homeopathy medicines and also applying some liquid on the warts. Earlier to this she had to undergo the painful process of removing warts by cryo (electrocuting) and nitro (freezing), both of which has been extremely painful as we can all imagine. The sad part it after more than 10 such visits and also having disappeared initially, it came back with even more vigor and vengeance. She keeps getting teased by her school mates and we have been worried on how to get this rid of this. Can garlic therapy be tried on her face as well?

  20. Hi everybody,

    I have currently two plantar warts on my foot and I bought an acidic gel which is applied on the warts. This is the third day and warts are getting white (which most likely mean that acid is working and cells are dying).

    I am now 39 and this is uncommon for me. I used to have them few when I was younger and my mother treated also my warts with garlic. She crushed some garlic, then applied it on the warts and put a bandage over it. This was reapplied after 24h. I don’t actually recall how many times we did this but I can confirm it removed all my warts as a child. If this acidic gel doesn’t work, I am sure going to try garlic again.

    Hopefully this helps someone. (Sorry for typos or spelling mistakes, I am not native English speaker)


    • Jon, thank you for sharing your story. You are the first person I have heard from, online or in person, who had heard of trying garlic for warts. I think here in the US it has been such a long time that we can go to a specialist that we have forgotten what people did before modern medicine became a way of life. Don’t worry about your typos, I understood you perfectly, plus I appreciate your efforts.

  21. hi, i have got the warts on my head on the top, got operated with laser and radiology types, it did not work. I think i have delayed to see all the above, would try with garlic but still i could not understand the procedure of garlic. can any one update, my understanding is that i should cut the garlic and keep over the warts and should cover with plaster. am i right?

    • I’m sorry your treatments didn’t work on your warts. If you want the most effective way of getting the garlic to work I would crush it or put it through a garlic press, which was what I did for the plantar ones I had, but sliced worked well on my sons hands. I used a band aid to hold it in place or tape, depending on where it was. Good luck hope this solves your problem, love to hear about your results, so please stop back and let me know.

  22. I hadnt heard of this cure Lois and would not have come across it if oawritingspooemspainting hadnt reblogged it.. I have a small wart appeared under my middle toe.. So this is very timely as it is just started to be painful. .. and as I believe nothing is by chance will crush a piece of garlic tonight and apply for overnight treatment :-) Synchronisities I just love how the Universe works.. WHY? well I have been thinking on this wart for several weeks and wondering how to get rid of it. So the Universe listened! and delivered my answer so I am doubly grateful to you and Owpp for their reblogging! :-)
    Enjoy Friday! :-)

  23. I am truly glad you posted this! My first ones had there’s cut which got infected and I was bandaging all summer…A nightmare! So now, I didn’t dare to do anything with my youngest.
    I do know someone who had a bone infection…got a diagnosis,bought the antibiotics but wanted to give a go at garlic in bigger quantities with a health consultant (I think it was a whole garlic knob to boil & drink its juice but I have absolutely no idea about quantities & timing so, if anyone would want to try it they’d have to seek advice with a health specialist as it can damage the heart ) and got herself cured!
    I know another who had a tooth infection that got cured with crushed garlic applied locally too so it’s not a novelty to me but I was unaware it could help warts.
    Thanks a lot for the info :)

  24. fab tip and thank you. My son has had misery in the past because of them I will definitely try this if the come back and will also tell my friends. Remember Huck Finn and his dead cat at middnight cure? (by Mark Twain)

  25. My younger son had warts for a short while. Mostly on his hands and the back of one arm had one. The ones on his left hand interfered with playing the violin and sometimes bled. I had read an article by a progressive doctor that he’d tried an old folk remedy on a young patient with good results. So I called in my son, then 8 or 9. I explained what I had read and asked if he’d like to try it; of course he said yes. So I gave him a potato and he cut it in half, then rubbed the cut part on each of the warts. Next he took the pieces outside and buried them where no-one saw him do that. (I have no idea why this is part of the cure, but it must be a trigger for the mind). A week later, I thought to check and he had no warts left! Including the one on the back of his arm; he had forgotten to rub that one at all.

    I’ll remember your garlic cure, though. I have had plantar warts (from going barefoot in the dirt); I remove those with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda, applied twice a day and left on under a bandage. I generally use a cotton pad and then an elastic bandage. But it can take a few days to work. Next time I’ll try the garlic.

    Thanks a lot! ~ Linne

  26. My husband has a wart on his finger and I am sure I could try on him. But my 5 month old son has 1 small wart on his tummy… Would it burn him if I left a piece of garlic on him or is there a more gentle way to do it?

    • My doctor was the one who told me to use the garlic. She also suggested regular household bleach, but that burned my sons skin. I’ve also heard duct tape will work. Supposedly something in the glue is said to dissolve warts. i would definitely avoid the bleach. If you decide to try the duct tape I’d love to hear if it really does work. Good luck.

  27. Hi, so I was born with 2 warts trailing from the back to the top of my ear. I went through procedure where they cut them off but the one on the top grew back. Not only did it grow back, but it is also spreading & getting bigger. What way would you suggest applying this? It’s hard to use a bandage because it’s in my ear area rather than a flat surface.

  28. Lois,
    just been meandering through your various posts/sections. Came accross this Garlic. Have to say, I am amazed…Luckily, I dont have warts, but I have talked with someone who has had them (not sure if still). I will tell them about this..

    Did I understand correct, you only left it on two days?

    It’s got me wondering, if this might work on Toenail fungus..I have also talked with someone who has on/off problem with this. I am going to mention this to them, hope they try it. For sure, it is not likely to hurt anything..who knows.

  29. Thanks for all of these tips. I have what I think is a wart on my toe. It is the strangest thing. Does not really look like one. I went to the doctor to have it checked. Once the top layer of skin was removed and the bleeding stopped that’s when I knew it was a wart. I will try the garlic and see if it will work for me.

  30. I have one wart under my big toe.. i used a combination of clove oil ( to get rid of the pain and also heard this has antiseptic properties ) and crushed garlic..the pain has substantially reduced but need to wait and see how it works. today is my second day with clove oil and garlic ( it did hurt burn a bit ) but i just adjusted to it since i knew that the garlic was acting on my warts deep underneath. I am goin to wait and watch and do the same for another week and will keep you guys posted

  31. Hi, im 15 and i have warts that have spread in mulitple places): so today i bought some gralic and duct taped them about 20 minutes ago. one of the warts are actually burning and i dont know if thats a good sign or not? and how long should i keep this going?

      • I am going to try this I have a plantar wart that I have been going to the doctor for for months. It is painful and I really want it gone. Plus I think I have tiny flat warts on my hand but im not sure if its warts cuz they itch sometime and could b due to my really dry skin not sure. Is it better to get a head of garlic and dice it in a blender or could I buy the already minced garlic n the jar and place it on gauze secured by duct tape ? Thanks for this post it gives me hope .:)


  32. I just bought one of those over-the-counter treatments because I think I have a wart on my finger. It’s sat on the table for several days because I’ve been afraid to try it. Now I’m going to try the garlic solution instead… that doesn’t scare me nearly as much. :-)

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