The Natural World

“Some of my students believe that if you spend more time outdoors receiving the energy of the natural world, you will have less need for the industrial grid”  Stephanie Kaza: Mindfully Green

This quote from Stephanie Kaza rings so true to me.  Last week I spent every possible moment outdoors.  I looked forward to clearing more of the field and playing with my grand children there.  I took walks and even ate my meals outdoors.

Unfortunately last week didn’t last.  I woke to find snow on the ground and a high of only 36 degrees.  This means I stayed indoors today.  I finally broke down and heated water for a cup of hot tea (first electrical usage I’ve had in over 24 hours).

Indoors I find I only want to do so much.  I hate cleaning and  watching TV but love reading and creating something new. One of the reasons I love renting is that I am not allowed to change or remodel anything, I love to remodel and would spend my every minute stuck in doors changing my home.

Outdoors I will clean anything, gladly!   I will just wander to whatever grabs my attention.   This past week I’ve picked up trash, spent time by the lake, wandered through the fields nearby.  I noticed the last of the daffodils for this year.   I also quietly sat soaking up the suns rays and let my mind wander.  I watched the birds and enjoyed their songs.  I sat and felt the wind on my face.  Basically, I took full advantage of my time outdoors, enjoying every nuance of my experiences.

What do you think?  What activities do you enjoy when you are indoors?  What do you like to do outside?  How does the environment change you?

2 thoughts on “The Natural World

  1. Your outdoor and indoor spaces sound so simply marvelous.

    This year is the first year when I will no longer be living in the country, I had to move to the city into an apartment with not even a balcony. So, I visit gardens in all seasons. I have discovered cafes with outdoor seating and big awnings. I can sit outdoors under the awnings, especially during downpours. The proprietor brings me tea and I listen to the rain sitting outdoors. I avoid inside as much as I can. I love my indoor space though. It gives me sanctuary, especially during a wicked hurricane that threatened the city. The walls made me feel secure.


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