Black Friday Excess

curtesy of picdome.comA good thing sells itself, a bad thing is advertised.

Shopping Nightmares

I’m sure you have heard a story about Black Friday shopping that made you stop and wonder what was wrong with the world.  I’m talking about the story of the shopper who went too far.  For me that story this year was of the woman who pepper-sprayed other shoppers to ensure she got the gaming system she wanted before it was gone.

I understand for a lot of people Black Friday shopping is something they enjoy. We all love a bargain, and from the looks of the store and mall parking lots a lot of people love to shop.

I don’t care for crowed shopping centers

I would prefer to spend my Black Friday with family. Some of my friends and even family members love to shop, a couple even enjoy Black Friday shopping.  I don’t, not at all.   I also don’t feel a great need for material things. I don’t need to keep up with the Jones’.  So I can’t understand why people will resort to harming others to receive that discounted price on an item.

What were they thinking?

Are they buying these items for themselves? If so greed has gotten out of hand. Can you really enjoy an item you know you hurt someone else to own?

If these items are gifts, could they be acting this way believing the intended recipient won’t love them if this item isn’t under the tree? Is a game system really that important in the grand scheme of life?

Do you enjoy Black Friday shopping? If you do  I would love to hear what it is about the experience that makes you brave crowds, weather and traffic just to be a part of it.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Excess

  1. I can honestly say that I have never shopped a Black Friday sale… ever. I’m not big on shopping to begin with, so I normally stay away from crowded times even when grocery shopping. Big sales don’t lure me in and the crowds certainly don’t do anything to make me want to go, either.

    I hadn’t heard about the person who used pepper spray, but it doesn’t surprise me a bit and that’s so sad to be able to say that. It really makes a person wonder what is that “all-fired important” that someone could hurt someone else just to buy something! I did hear a year or two ago about a person being trampled during the rush to get in the door of a store for such a sale, though.

    One of my DIL’s goes every year, her, her mother and aunt all have a plan every year. They actually have a written plan of what time to hit each store and they have their time planned right down to the minute of when they can eat so as not to miss something – I just can’t imagine it!

    IMO, these sales are gimmicks to get you in the store so you’ll spend your money on other items that aren’t so low-priced… they are also materialism and greed at it’s worst.


    • I have family like that too. I avoid crowds as well, to the point that I keep track of when the university opens for each semester and avoid getting groceries then. I don’t do crowds or stress, I like a laid back way of going through my day, that includes shopping.

      The pepper spray incident was a mother who sprayed everyone to get the latest gaming system that was for sale last year. Don’t ask me which one I don’t keep track of that. I too heard about the trampling, I think there’s a bad story every year.

      I have a neighbor who complains about the sales in certain stores because he memorizes the prices, then when they advertize say 15% off he notices that they up the price so when you get the discount you are paying the regular price.


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